NOTE: Some spoilers ahead.

My first blog on here :P This is dedicated to.... well, ever play a game and like a character and then they suddenly go evil or do something just.... that makes you hate them suddenly or have you going "NOOO! FIGHT THE EVIL!!!" ? I am listing my top 4. (I'd have 5 but I need more time to remember from all the games I got :P:P)

Metroid Prime 3 Hunters

(From the left) Gandrayda, Rundas and Ghor.

4: The Bounty hunters of Metroid Prime 3. I loved all of these characters.... Gandrayda was kind of funny (Sammy indeed :P), Ghor was a computer genius and tactition and was just EPIC in that suit! Rundas was heroic and strong and always there for Samus to help her. And then they ALL got corrupted by Phazon, couldn't fight the affects, and in the end all got defeated by Samus and killed by Dark Samus. All these fights were kinda painful to do because I loved them all.... Gandrayda's doom was the most "O_O" to me and you can really see that Samus is very distressed at all of this. This was... sad.

Shadow heroes


3: Sorry guys, and Dolphy :P:P But Shad has been a big disappointment for a while now. He has been go"good" on some occasions, like Sonic Generations and Heroes. But with the sole exception of SA2, I have never seen Shad make that 'leap' to the light side. Most of the time he seems like a depressed jerk, if he could get things together and decide who's side he's on I'd like him more but I just find him pretty sad for now. And when he really goes bad, I'm like "You can't do that!! NOOO!!!!" So he is on this list. He would be number 2 but that goes to a more disasterous fellow...

Army Men Malice

Lord Malice/Major Gooding, to the left.

2: Major Gooding was the best officer in the Green army, and all was well. Then there came a day when his squad was ambushed in the kitchen, Gooding got his arm blown blown off and was horribly injured, and was lost in the sink. Sarge was in his squad and took off in the chopper thinking Gooding was dead, but he wasn't, and Gooding hated Sarge for "leaving him to die." He was found by the Tans, pieced back together, and transformed him into Lord Malice, who eventually killed almost all of the Green army's best soldiers (the main characters who were awesome) and left Sarge in a state of horrible depression/hatred for the rest of the series. I am majorly disapointed in Malice for two reasons: 1, He made the choice to hate the Green instead of figuring out what really happened, and as a result all of Green nearly got trashed and the Army Men series itself was all but ruined. 2: Malice would have actually been a REALLY cool villain had this not been his backstory. Wasted awesomeness..... "NOOOOO!!!!!!!"


(Only pic I could find with Safe Search :P)

1: For now, its her :P Luna may shoot me but Mary was becoming my favorite charater in Ib and then.... ummmmm SPOILERS :P But she is evil and ahafhdsjkfsdkfhskd HER THEME SONG KINDA MAKES ME CRY, SERIOUSLY?!?!?!?!?!? NOOOOOOOOOOOM MARY!!!!!!!!!!!! BE GOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;_; MARY!!! MARY!!!! MARY!!!!!!!!

This should be interesting :P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P:P

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