Since Dolphy is sick, and I've been procrastinating to take pics of her minifig forever, I'm making this short story for her I guess XD Pardon the horribly picture quality @_@ And I'm sorry I couldn't make a good fig for you Dolphy ;_; But... here it is... @_@ :P

One day Dolphinluvr16, Dolphy, got up from her bed and strolled outside her house. After a few steps however she realized something was wrong, her throat was sore and her nose was running. She was sick with the flu :( She growled and pouted for a moment before her friend TannerJ2598, Tanner, walked up. He asked why she looked down and she told him why, then Tanner was sad for her. "Hmmm... why don't you take a ride on a dolphin to feel better?" Tanner asked, "Because my stupid lake is filled with only sharks @_@" she responded, looking downward. Tanner thougth for a moment, then put his arm around Dolphy to comfort her (NOT IN A SUSPICIOUS WAY, TROLLS) "Its okay, I have an idea. I'll go use this ChangerThingyGun I made and make a dolphin for you!" he then shuffled toward the lake and pulled out his changer laser on a shark. POOF! In its place was a giant blue dolphin. Dolphy squeled with delight and jumped on its back, then helped Tanner up on it as well, then they rode around on the dolphin in the lake for hours having fun and soon Dolphy was feeling better.

At 9 PM Tanner insisted that she go to bed early to make sure the flu was all gone, so he walked her back to her house, tucked her in, sang a lullabye about Shadow and dolphins, annoyingly asked if there was anything else he could do and proceeded to take care of her for a while, then wished her sweet dreams and left. The next day Dolphy was all better and all was right in the world. 

THE END. (The end of the agony for me @_@ :P:P I hope you like this... somehow O_o :P)

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