Sooooo, here are some stupid questions for your amusement. Tongue Smiley-1

"Am I alive?"

"How do I breathe?"

"Does pain hurt?"

"Does PewDiePie cuss?"

"Is Kirito friends with Sugou?"

"Where are my eyes located?"

"Does cyanide kill you if you swallow it?"

"Is Mario Italian?"

"Do Time Lords have 2 hearts?"

"What color is Sonic?"

"Can you log out of Sword Art Online?"

"Does Eren want to be friends with the Titans?"

"cn i spel"

"How do I say nein in German?"

"How do I spell how do I spell?"

"Is Sylvon a thing?"

"What does a human look like?"

"Is TheDiamondMinecart a Youtuber?"

"Is SAO an anime?"

"Where is the question mark key?"

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