There once was a man

Who lived in a van

And ate out of cans

So one day someone walked up to him and said "How do you do?"

So he got up out of his chair and said "Darn you!"

But I know what you're thinking

This guy is quite rude

So that's why I am singing about this dude

Now the person took offense

And said something back but the man got angry

So decided to attack

He was sent to prison

For making that mistake

But his heart was risen

From what someone sayed

The guy said that there was hole

And asked him to come and help out

He of course accepted

They'd make it through without a doubt.

So three weeks later

They were done with the hole

So they got outa prison

For bein' like moles.

The man felt good about gettin' leaving without a singe

But the first thing that popped in his mind was revenge

So he stalked the guy

Who got him into jail

And found his house

By stealin' his mail

And when he found him

He broke into his house

And then pounded him

With his own mouse

Then when he was out cold

He threw him out of the door

Then stepped on him

And said "Want some more!?!"

When the guy didn't respond

He threw him away

Then walked into the sunset

Feelin' like he had a good day.


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