Once upon a time, there was a man, who lived on a hill.

Now, we join him on this day for a very special reason, and that reason is......well, I guess I better just rewind a few years.

The man had moved in less than a few months ago, and was just starting to get used to the place when he suddenly heard "ring ring", "ah, the paper" he thought to himself, so he got up off his couch, stretched, and walked to the door.

But when he opened the door, he did not find what he expected to, right there on his porch, there was, instead of the normal weekly paper, a big, blue and white, egg.

Now, put yourself in his situation, you just got up, expecting something normal at your front door, but suddenly, you see THAT, you would be quite taken aback, I'm sure, and so he was, so of course, he hesitated.

After some time, he decided to slowly examine it, so he looked around the left side, then he looked around the right side, then he went behind it.

But nothing happened, it just sat there.

So, he very hesitantly, poked it, nothing happened, so he poked it again, still nothing happened.

So he looked around for a hint to why it was there, and saw a piece of paper, so he picked it up, it said "Please keep in a cold environment for 5 years".

He was very puzzled, "5 years" he thought "that's a long time".

So he just stood there, thinking, with so many thoughts rushing through his head.

Eventually, he decided to respect the note, after all, what would be wrong with freezing an egg for a few years? it does seem like it would go bad, but that was just the person who wrote the note's fault.

But then, while he was shoving it into the freezer, he thought "Why am I doing this? this will take up way to much space", but then he thought "But what if something hatches from it? I don't want a giant white chicken with blue spots!".

So he decided to get some ice from the store and contain the egg in something, after all, he was actually quite interested in this egg, but he would then also have to build something better to contain it than anything that he had in his home, but he thought to himself "At least I'll have something productive to do, I mean besides my work of course".

So it was settled, he would leave the egg in some sort of extra box he had from moving, and then go get some ice from the store.


To be continued,




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