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  • I am Burraza.....
  • Oreh-Wen


    June 14, 2015 by Oreh-Wen

    Once upon a time?

    There was a Guy? whO Annoyed poeple A LOt?

    He Was So annoyIng that he only had One friend?buT thats Not important? The fact wAs? tHat he Woke Up evEry mornng? aT &:))? everYbodY hatEd him For that? becuz He was ONly !%*?

    And? thus? Ends the taIl Of The Very annoyIng MAN?

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  • Oreh-Wen

    The hill

    April 18, 2015 by Oreh-Wen

    Once upon a time, there was a man, who lived on a hill.

    Now, we join him on this day for a very special reason, and that reason is......well, I guess I better just rewind a few years.

    The man had moved in less than a few months ago, and was just starting to get used to the place when he suddenly heard "ring ring", "ah, the paper" he thought to himself, so he got up off his couch, stretched, and walked to the door.

    But when he opened the door, he did not find what he expected to, right there on his porch, there was, instead of the normal weekly paper, a big, blue and white, egg.

    Now, put yourself in his situation, you just got up, expecting something normal at your front door, but suddenly, you see THAT, you would be quite taken aback, I'm sure…

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  • Oreh-Wen

    There once was a man.

    April 17, 2015 by Oreh-Wen

    There once was a man

    Who lived in a van

    And ate out of cans

    So one day someone walked up to him and said "How do you do?"

    So he got up out of his chair and said "Darn you!"

    But I know what you're thinking

    This guy is quite rude

    So that's why I am singing about this dude

    Now the person took offense

    And said something back but the man got angry

    So decided to attack

    He was sent to prison

    For making that mistake

    But his heart was risen

    From what someone sayed

    The guy said that there was hole

    And asked him to come and help out

    He of course accepted

    They'd make it through without a doubt.

    So three weeks later

    They were done with the hole

    So they got outa prison

    For bein' like moles.

    The man felt good about gettin' leaving without a singe

    But the first thing that popped…

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  • Oreh-Wen

    These are some things that I'm sure you want to remember.

    That now you have to manually breath, blink and swallow

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