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  • Legored14

    DarkTan: Is it ready, turtle boy?

    Bowser Jr: Yup! Pocket portal is ready!

    Bowser: Good work, son! Now, to find those tresspassers, and reclaim Birdetta and the princess! Big Mouth, prepare the weapons on the airships!

    Big Mouth: Can't you call us by our real names?

    Bowser: I AM YOUR MASTER, MORTON!!!!!

    Morton: Yes, my lord!

    Larry: Sorry for breaking the 4th wall, but thank god the writer refers to me by my real name now rather than watching the cartoons too much!

    Darkred: What the heck are you talking about?

    Larry: Nothing.

    Wendy: I gotta pick a bow for an invasion like this!

    Darkred: Yeah, because that one gives me a nosebleed! *Gets slapped by Wendy* Drat... Now I really have one...

    Wendy: Idiot.

    Dark Imp: I can't wait to take back the gloves that w…

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  • Legored14

    (*Tanner and Agranix land in the deep cold caverns of Planet Zebes*

    Tanner: Eww... It's dark in here!

    Agranix: Let me get some light! *Turns a light on his glove*

    Tanner: I need your gloves! *Is mesmerized*

    Agranix: Sorry, but this is advanced Geraxian technology!

    Tanner: I just wanna look at it!

    Samus: Who are you two? *Points cannon at Tanner and Agranix*

    Meanwhile, in Hyrule...

    (*Legored, Wavey, Leghobros and Wari land in the middle of Lon Lon Ranch*

    Wari: Legored... You can snap out of it now!

    Legored: *Is frozen* Sorry... It's just that I do not wanna wash this cheek ever again! *Sees a horse* WATCH OUT!!!

    (*The Munchies jump out of the way*


    Leghobros: Is that... Link?

    Link: *Turns around* ...? *Points sword at the Munchies*

    Wari: Wait! It'…

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  • Legored14

    DK: Looks like they went back for something.

    Indi: Like what?

    DK: I don't really know.

    (*Donkey Kong plays in the background*

    DK: Scorpio, Dre, now is not the time to play- Ooh! Donkey Kong!

    Indi: Maybe that?

    (*At the MMC, Mario and the others observe the frozen Dark Indi*

    Mario: Mamma mia! It's-a creeping me out!

    Luigi: Those-a kids must-a hate clones.

    Birdetta: I wonder how long it'll take for everyone to come back... I wanted to ask Legored what all this pink stuff is coming out of my head... *Looks at hair*

    Mario: They'll-a be fine.

    (*In Sonic's world, Rhys, Dolphy and Imp land in Angel Island*

    Dolphy: It's a shame Tanner couldn't come, but at least we can find that crystal!

    ???: If you're talking about the Master Emerald, you're gonna try and get …

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  • Legored14

    I've been doing LPs recently, and I thought I'd show you what's coming up. I already did 2 SMG vids, a Pokémon Rumble U one, but here's what's coming up next:

    • Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed (3DS)
    • Super Mario 3D World
    • F-Zero
    • Sonic Adventure 2
    • LEGO City Undercover
    • Pokémon X
    • Star Fox 64 3D
    • Kid Icarus Uprising
    • New Super Mario Bros U

    Also, I won't do a new MMCUU episode today. I'll do one next week.

    Anyways, thankee :P

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  • Legored14

    (*Every screen in the world starts glitching out*

    Xagbrain: Augh, my voice is dry. Drink Bot! *Drink Bot brings Xagbrain a drink* People of- *Drink Bot spills drink on broadcast server*

    Drink Bot: Oops. Sorry.

    Xagbrain: I WILL RIP YOUR CIRCUITS OUT, AND BEAT THE METAL OUT OF YOU, YOU STUPID PIECE OF SCRAP METAL!!!!!! *Shoots the Drink Bot over and over* Now I have to fix this. X-T9, throw him out the airlock.

    X-T9: Will do! *Carries the Drink Bot to the airlock, and opens the door. The Drink Bot is pulled out into space*

    Xagbrain: I can't believe I'm the only one here with REAL natural intelligence.


    Agranix: What the... *Screen glitches out* What happened?

    Wavey: Must be Big Brain's doing.

    Tanner: Well, no matter. I wanna go explore an…

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