Pokemon Black Box Artwork

Boxart for Pokemon Black

Pokemon Black and White Versions

Developer: Game Freak

Publisher: Nintendo

Platform: DS

Released: 2011

Genre: RPG

Players: 1-4


For a long time, I've been a huge Pokemon fan. I love the games, and the anime series. It's been inside me for a long time since Pokemon Platinum, my first Pokemon game. After that, I've been getting more into Pokemon, learning the premise and the species. And then I got some of the Pokemon Ranger games, HeartGold, and then I learned about a new Pokemon coming: Pokemon Black and White.

Pokemon Black and White kinda-sorta mark the 15th anniversary of the series (I never really noticed Tongue Smiley-1), and 5th generation, and changed the way I played Pokemon forever. From what I heard, the game was AWESOME. Looking at the trailers, showed how much advanced the game was. It was from that moement that I HAD to have that game. Tongue Smiley-1


The games follow the traditional style that Pokemon games follow: catch Pokemon, raise them, train them and use them in battle, the usual stuff Tongue Smiley-1 With a few changes. The battle scenes have become more advanced since HeartGold and SoulSilver. The Pokemon now have animated sprites and the camera now moves with each attack used. I think that's a major step foward in the series. And the games introduce new mechanics and battle styles: Triple Battles and Rotation Battles.

  • Single Battle
  • Triple Battle
  • Rotation Battle

 With Triple Battles, you use 3 Pokemon at a time, but with limitations. In Triple Battles, you can only hit certain Pokemon within your Pokemon's position. But, you can switch their position, but you have to waist a turn. It's kinda like a Double Battle, just with more Pokemon. Tongue Smiley-1 In a Rotation Battle, you have 3 Pokemon out at a time, but only one can battle. But, you can rotate the stage and switch to the next adjacent Pokemon. Although sometimes when you choose an attack meant for a certain Pokemon, your opponent can sometimes switch their Pokemon and you end up hitting the wrong target, and if it's a Type disadvantage, it won't do much damage. Whoops... Silly me... Tongue Smiley-1 I did'nt mean to get too far ahead... Tongue Smiley-1


The Unova Region

As with every new Pokemon game, there's always a new region they take place in. This time, it's in the MASSIVE Unova region. As you can see, it appears to be based off New York City. At it's got a variety of places, from an amusement park, to a desert, to a coastside resort, and the region is home to one of the largest cities in a Pokemon game: Castelia City. And the city is an example on how the DS's graphical capabilities are pushed to the MAX. You can go around the city and it "rotates" as you walk. It's simply amazing.

  • Castelia City
  • Bridge leading to Castelia City :P
Also, the overworld is in 3D, much like Castelia City.

Plus, the games have version exclusive locations. In Black, you get Black City, and in White, you get White Forest. Also, one of the cities will differ depending on the version. In Black, it'll be futuristic, while in White, it's all ancient. That's one thing that I'm sure Game Freak is proud of. :)

Amazing, Isn't it? Tongue Smiley-1


  • The two playable characters
  • Choose your Pokemon! I choose Tepig Tongue Smiley-1
  • Bianca and Cheren, your two rivals
  • Look! A present! Tongue Smiley-1

As with every Pokemon game, you start off in a small town as a boy or a girl. Professor Juniper, leading expert on Pokemon in the Unova region, stops by your house dropping a present off. Inside are 3 Pokeballs. Each Pokeball holds one of 3 Pokemon: Snivy, Tepig and Oshawott. It's your decision to choose. Afterwards, Pofessor Juniper asks you and your rivals a favor: To complete the Pokedex for her. 



In Black and White, there are 156 new Pokemon introduced, the most a generation has introduced since Generation I. But this time, this region focus more on the NEW Pokemon. In this game, you won't find Pikachu or any other Pokemon from Generations I-IV until post-game. I think that's good, because it gives you a chance to meet the newcomers.

So your journey begins. In the next town over, you find a bunch of people dressed like knights holding a rally.
Pokémon BW Team Plasma

Team Plasma

These people are called Team Plasma. Their goal is to liberate Pokemon from people so they can take over the world.

Among them is a mysterious young man, called "Natural Harmonia Gropius", or just N. Tongue Smiley-1 He calls his Pokemon "friends", beacuse he believes (Or what his father, Ghetsis believes) that Pokemon can be used as tools, and since he grew up with Pokemon, he thinks that they should be freed (Or what Ghetsis thinks). So, technically, he's been manipulated by his own father, and that the whole thing was a scam so he can take over the world. Throughout the games, you battle N numerous times, with a different team every time.

As with every Pokemon games (I know I say this alot Tongue Smiley-1), you can challenge Gym Leaders to a battle, and is a vital part to the story. Defeating Gym Leaders earn you a Gym Badge, which is required to move on to the next gym. The path to the Gym Leaders is more linear compared to past games where you go around in circles trying to challenge them. And with every badge, the bond between you and your Pokemon will grow. After battling all 8 gyms, you get to challenge the Elite 4, 4 powerful trainers that are willing to test you so you can fight the Champion.
  • This is N. By the way he looks, I'm sure alot of anime fangirls would drool over him Tongue Smiley-1
  • (From left to right) Reshiram and Zekrom
However, instead of battling the Champion, Team Plasma takes over, and an enormous castle rises from the ground. You battle N one last time, and Ghetsis, the true leader of Team Plasma (N was just crowned the king of Team Plasma), and they summon the power of the Legendary Pokemon Reshiram (Black) or Zekrom (White). After the battle, N promises never to liberate Pokemon anymore, and that they'll always be friends.


The games have awesome music! I don't have much to say... Just look at the music Tongue Smiley-1

Pokemon Black White Music - N's Castle Bridge01:55

Pokemon Black White Music - N's Castle Bridge

Pokemon Black and White Music - Final N Battle02:48

Pokemon Black and White Music - Final N Battle

Pokemon Black White Music - Sky Arrow Bridge01:46

Pokemon Black White Music - Sky Arrow Bridge

Pokemon Black White Music - Tower of Heaven02:09

Pokemon Black White Music - Tower of Heaven

Pokemon Black and White Music - Geechisu Battle02:18

Pokemon Black and White Music - Geechisu Battle

Pokemon Black and White Music - Gym Leader Battle02:54

Pokemon Black and White Music - Gym Leader Battle

Pokemon Black and White Music - Gym Leader (Last Pokemon)01:43

Pokemon Black and White Music - Gym Leader (Last Pokemon)

Pokemon Black and White Music - Elite Four Battle02:57

Pokemon Black and White Music - Elite Four Battle

Other Features

Pokemon Black and White also includes many new features and changes. For example: PokeMarts are now inside the Pokemon Center, that way you won't have to cross the street just to buy Max Repels or Revives Tongue Smiley-1 Also, finding a TM (Technical Machines, items used to taech Pokemon attacks), will permanently give you a TM so you won't have to buy it over and over just to teach all your Pokemon the same moves Tongue Smiley-1 Ack... Did it again Tongue Smiley-1

Here are some new features: The C-Gear lets you meet up with passing players who also have the games and you can do infrared battles and trades with up to 3 other people! That way you won't have to go to the Pokemon Center everytime if you wanna battle. Another cool feature is the Xtransciever, which is like a video chat app. Also, the C-Gear lets you warp to the mysterious Entralink, where you can complete missions and earn Pass Orbs to up your Pokemon's stats. You can even catch Pokemon you've met in Pokemon Dream World.


Dance, come on dance, we wanna dance forever! :P

Replacing the Pokemon Contests is the Poke-Musical, located in Nimbasa City. Here you can dress up your Pokemon with props and watch them dance so you can draw the attention of the audience. But you have to be smart and quick beacuse the competition is tough.

Ingo and Emmet

There's also a feature called the Battle Subway, where you can have battles... ON A TRAIN!!! Tongue Smiley-1 You can choose which battle format and levels, so you can battle the Subway Bosses Ingo and Emmet and earn Battle Points, or BP, and spend them on some prizes.


I give this game a 9.5 out of 10. With so many advances in the game and so many new features, this is clearly one of the best Pokemon games ever. It's also one of my favorites. The only downside is that you only see previous generation Pokemon postgame, but that's okay.For anyone looking for a good Pokemon game and has a DS or 3DS, this is the game for you. I wish I could review X and Y, but I don't have those yet Tongue Smiley-1

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