(*The MMCers continue to brawl the Evil MMCers*

Wavey: How long is this fight taking? *Swings at DarkWave*

Tanner: Let's see uhm... *Punches DarkTan* 8:00?

Impulse: It's been 10 minutes... Can I borrow this? *Borrow's Tanner's shield*

(*Dark Impulse punches into Tanner's shield, with her spikes stuck*

Impulse: Hey Red, canI borrow Red McEpic?

Legored: Sure! *Bats a rock at DarkRed*

Impulse: Alright, then! *Hammers's Dark Impulse's spikes*

Dark Impulse: I'm stuck!

DarkTan: Wow... These look alikes are smarter than we thought...

Dark Leghobros: We're 30 minutes old... We have'nt learned about their skills yet...

(*DarkRed gets up, patting the bump in his head* They win... For now...

Sharky: Show them no mercy!

DarkTan: DarkRed's right... Let's retreat!

DarkWari: I'll way ahead of you!

(*The Evil MMCers run back into the escape pods*

Wari: Oh no you don't! *Throws a rock at DarkWari, knocking him inside the escape pod headfirst*

Dolphy: Nice shot!

Leghobros: This may take awhile cleaning everything up...

Agranix: Well done! that was an impressive fight. Now, I think it's time we find those crystals.

Legored: So, why do you need those crystals?

Agranix: They're the only thing that can save Gerax... These crystals can restore life...

Wavey: Even if someone dies?

Agranix: Not sure... But I'm sure if there's any surviving Geraxians out there, they will know that there's hope.

Impulse: So, what's our first stop?

Tanner: Please be Zebes, please be Zebes...

Agranix: We're going to the Mushroom Kingdom. It's actually the nearest!

Tanner: Drat... Is Zebes next?

Agranix: Certainly!

Leghobros: Yes! We get to go see Mario!

Legored: Big time!

Dolphy: Do we also get to visit Sonic?

Tanner: There's a Sonic down the corn- oh... I see what you mean... :P

Wavey: Aww... I wanted a cookie dough milkshake...

Dolphy and Impulse: YAY!!!!

Agranix: Alright... Let's get going! *Opens a portal, and everyone walks in*


Indi: Hello? Where's everyone? *Finds a note*


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