(*The escape pods crash land in front of MMC*

Wari: Uhh... Guys, they're back!

Tanner: More robots?

Legored: More like scrap metal when I'm done with them!

Dolphy: Should we take them on?

Impulse: I don't see why not!

(* The Evil MMCers climb out of the escape pods*

Leghobros: Wait... THEY LOOK JUST LIKE US!!!!!!!!!

Agranix: Xagbrain must've cloned you all!

Wavey: How can we take on ourselves?

Legored: Uh.........

Tanner: LET'S GIT 'EM!!!!!

Outside the MMC...

DarkTan: Alright. You all know Dr. X's plan, right?

Dark Impulse: Right.

DarkWave: Let's get them.

DarkRed: Here. You'll need these. *Passes weapons to the Evil MMCers*

DarkTan: Get ready for the kill.

DarkWari: Here they come!

Tanner: There they aHHHH! *Looks at DarkTan* Glowing red eyes!

DarkTan: Which is the last thing you'll see! *Pulls out a staff*

Tanner: Ello! *Pulls out "shield"*

Sharky: Who are you supposed to be? A dolphin lover?!

Dolphy: Obviously!

Sharky: I love sharks!

Dolphy: Good to know *Steals another staff from the vendor*

Vendor: I should've taken law school... *Walks away*

DarkRed: *Grabs Legored up and throws him into a bench* What an interesting bat you got there! Mind if I use it against you?!   Tanner: *Brawls DarkTan and throws his shield*

DarkWari: Ooh... He's going Captain America on you!

Wari: DC is better! *Smacks DarkWari*

(*Wavey and Leghobros stand back to back fighting DarkWave and Dark Leghobros*

Wavey: Sure hope this goes on the news!

(*Tanner's shield bounces off a wall and hits DarkRed in the head*

DarkRed: OOF!!!! *Drops Red McEpic*

Legored: My turn!

(*Dark Impulse swings her spiked gloves at Impulse*

Impulse: Remind me to buy some of those gloves!

Dark Impulse: Sure... In the after-*DarkWari is knocked back by Wari and knocks Dark Impulse over*

Impulse: I love this fight!

Agranix: *Watches the fight* What is Xagbrain planning?