Dr. Xagbrain: Now that I got the blood samples, time to get started. XD-4, prepare the cloning chamber.

XD-4: Yes, Doctor.

Xagbrain: Let's see who these people are. *Scans the DNA samples*

Computer: Unit 1: Tanner. Unit 2, Impulse. Unit 3: Wario. Unit 4: Wave Viper. Unit 5: Dolphy. Unit 6: Legored. Unit 7: Leghobros. Insert samples into cloning chambers.

Xagbrain: Will do. *Inserts the DNA samples into the cloning chambers* Now commencing the cloning process.

(The cloning chambers emit smoke inside as the water inside the chambers begin to heat up*

Computer: Cloning process successful. We hope you enjoy your new clones.

Xagbrain: Since when did I program you to say that? Never mind.

(The smoke clears to show copies of the MMCers, all dressed in dark clothing*

Xagbrain: Yes... YES! I DID IT!

(The clones wake up and burst out of the cloning chambers, water busting out*

Xagbrain: Welcome, my creations. Today is the day you find these people. *Pulls out a hologram showing off the MMCers*

Darkred: They look just like us!

Dark Impulse: Who are they?

DarkTan: Imposters!

Xagbrain: That's right. It is under MY command that you find them and end them.

Clones: Yes master. *Climb into escape pods and launch down to Earth*

Xagbrain: Where's my new cleaning bot! Get this lab clean! *Hologram begins ringing*


Xagbrain: Yes, master?

???: You have misunderstood me. Have you found those crystals yet?

Xagbrain: Not yet, but I will find them. But first... I have to take care of a problem...

???: When we find those crystals, there will be no problems.

Meanwhile, in the MMC...

Impulse: GUYS! Did you hear about those 7 shooting stars that fell from the sky?

Legored: Strange... Nothing on the news mentioned shooting stars...

Agranix: It's Xagbrain!

Tanner: Looks like company is here!