Tanner: Who wants pizza to celebrate our victory?

Legored: I want a slice!

Dolphy: Who knows how to make a pizza?

Wavey: Uh... But we beat Mr. BigBrain!

Agranix: But he always comes back.

???: So... What did I miss?

Everyone: Impulse!

Impulse: Hi everyone! Did you know you're on the news? *Pulls out TV*

Reporter: We have reports of a street battle in front of the Munch Munch Café, involving robots, and a bunch of random people!

Dolphy: No one's more random than my friend Kitty!

Leghobros: Let's eat some pizza bagels! And now that Impulse is here, we should get started!

Wari: My treat!

Impulse: So, who was that creepy guy that was about to shoot Tanner?

Agranix: An evil scientist.

Legored: Whatever happened to him?

Meanwhile, in a space ship above Earth...

(*Xagbrain is in a medical bay getting his life support system repaired*

Xagbrain: Those blasted kids think they can mess with ME? I WANT THOSE CRYSTALS! *Walks to bridge*

(*Several Xagbots are busy maintaining the ship, one is cleaning an escape pod*

Xagbrain: They're clever, and easy to outwit! But they cross MY PATH!!!! *Bangs on control panel, launching an escape pod the Xagbot was cleaning*

Xagbrain: Number 3X-5... You're in charge. I'll be in the lab, working on a creation. And get me a new Cleaning Bot!       TBC...

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