(Xagbrain continues to chase everyone in his robot mech*

Dr. Xagbrain: You're not going anywhere! *Hits button on a remote*

Dolphy: What's that?

Xagbrain: Xagbots, assemble and destroy!

(Xagbots land on the street*

Legored: I think I can have some fun!

Wari: You said it.

Tanner: Indeed!

(Xagbots start shooting lasers at the MMCers*

Legored: But the lasers I did not see coming! *Swings Red McEpic taking out several Xagbots*

Dolphy: Hey, I need a weapon! *Looks at a gift shop*

Vendor: Get your big sticks here! $1!

(Dolphy steals a stick and uses it like a staff*

Vendor: Did I say $1? I meant On the House!

Agranix: *Pulls out a blaster and shoots some Xagbots with it* We need to worry about Xagbrain's mech!

Wavey: But how will we fight him?

Leghobros: It looks big!

Tanner: I got this! *Grabs a trash can lid*

Xagbrain: Looks like someone wants to be a hero. *Aims the robot blasters at Tanner, and fires lasers*

Tanner: Ello! *Reflects lasers off trash can lid*

(Lasers damage Xagbrain's mech*

Wari: One hit did that?!

Tanner: One hit did that!

Xagbrain: How could you do that?!

Legored: At least we destroyed his mech!

Xagbrain: *Jumps out of the robot's cockpit and pulls out a blaster and points it at Tanner's forehead*

Dolphy: Tanner, look out! *Grabs a rock and throws it at Xagbrain*

Leghobros: I think that would be a bad idea.

(Rock hits Xagbrain*

Tanner: SUCKER! *Backs up a few steps*

Xagbrain: OWW! WHO THREW THAT?! *Pulls trigger on blaster anyway*

Tanner: Not again! *Reflects laser off trash can lid, hitting Xagbrain's life support system*

Xagbrain: Oh, HECK! This isn't over!

Wavey: I think it is!

Wari: But we still have more robots to take care of! *Grabs a Xagbot's arm making it shoot a laser at another Xagbot*

(Xagbrain escapes in an escape pod*

Legored: Nice shield, Tanner! *Smashes the remains of an Xagbot*

Agranix: Xagbrain will be back. But we have to find those life crystals!


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