(*Legored, Wari, Wavey, Leghobros and Link ride across Hyrule Field towards the Dark Forest*

Leghobros: It sure does look scary here!

Legored: I know right?

Link:... *Points to the tower*

Wavey: Is that where Ganondorf is?

Link: *Nods*

Wari: Don't forget, he has the crystal, and Zelda!

Wavey: We need to hurry there quick!

(*Bokoblins and Moblins come out of the bushes*

Legored: Ugh. Uglies!

Link: *Pulls out sword and fights the Bokoblins and Moblins*

Wari: We need weapons!

Legored: Here! Take Red McEpic! *Hands Red McEpic to Wari*

Wavey: *Knocks out a Bokoblin with a log* I think this log does come in handy!

Leghobros: I bet this is one of the few defenses Ganondorf has?

In Ganon's Tower...

Ganondorf: Princess Zelda. Your face will look good on the dark side! Join me, or else you will DIE. Hand me the Triforce of Wisdom.

Zelda: I'll never let you rule this land!

Ganondorf: Of course I will rule. The Triforce of Power is MINE! I will recreate Hyrule in my own image. *Stares at sword, then at crystal* This crystal provides an energy I must harness. With this sword, and this crystal, I will destroy Hyrule. Not even the Goddesses can stop me.

(*Legored, Wari, Wavey, Leghobros and Link are still fighting Ganondorf's minions*

Meanwhile, on Planet Zebes...

Tanner: How long have we been walking in this cave?

Agranix: Only for a long time. Say, 30 minutes.

Tanner: Any sign of the crystal?

Samus: What crystal?

Tanner: We'll explain.


Tanner: Ello?

Agranix: Oh... Not yet.

Tannet: What's wrong?

Agranix: Nothing.

Tanner: Come on. Tell me.

Agranix: Fine. I miss my friends.

Tanner: Ah. They're dead right?

Agranix: I'm not sure. I do recall the many citizens that evacuated Gerax before Xagbrain drestroyed it... But I haven't seen them since.

Tanner: Oh... I'm so sorry.

Agranix: You don't have to. But I still do miss them.

Tanner: That's how I feel sometimes whenever a friend leaves for a while.

Samus: I think we all feel the same. I lost my parents to Space Pirates when I was a little girl. I've never forgotten that day ever since. You can't just expect something to come crashing in.

(*Ridley comes crashing in*

Samus: *Arms her cannon* I spoke too soon.


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