Tails: Sorry to keep you waiting, Sonic!

Imp: We're here to help!

Dolphy: And at the same time trying to take something back.

Rhys: Can we have the crystal?

Eggman: No! I need it for my nefarious new plan!

Sonic: I'd love to hear it!

Eggman: I want this crystal to power up the Chaos Emerald and use them to take over the world. *Looks at his hand* WHO TOOK MY CRYSTAL?!?!?!

Sonic: Whoops :3

Knuckles: I'll take him! *Goes after Eggman*

Eggman: I don't think so. *Pulls out hammer*

Imp: Watch out!

(*Knuckles dodges the hammer*

Rhys: Things can get out of hand sometimes.

In the Hardcore Hub...

DK: It looks like it's working!

Indi: We're fending off the airships!

In the streets...

DarkTan: We'll take it from here, Bowser. *The Evil MMCers jump out of the airship holding a box of Bob-Ombs*

Dre: They're coming!

Indi: Back to the MMC!

In the apartment above the MMC...

Mario: Not-a this again!

Luigi: I'm-a busy hiding the princess and Birdo! *Hides them in the closet*

Birdetta: I'm claustrophobic.

Peach: I'm used to it.

Mario: Luigi, let's-a go!

  • Mario, Luigi, Indi, Dre, and Scorpio enter the MMC*

DarkTan: Not another move, or we'll blow this place to kingdom come!

Indi: You wouldn't dare!

(*Bowser's Koopa Troop enters the MMC*

Ludwig: I hear the princess is in here!

Mario: Princess? What princess?

Ludwig: Don't play stupid. Don't forget, there's that minion that went rogue! WHERE ARE THEY?!

Birdetta: I hope Legored and the others hurry up...

Peach: It'll be a while. Agranix trusts them. They're bring back the crystals, and they'll dispose of them.

Birdetta: Right.

Peach: You worry too much.


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