Indi: Can we please go out and help out?

DK: Unless you wanna be Bullet Billed, that's fine... But I'd rather you stay here.

AJ: DK, I think the steath cannons are ready!

DK: Awesome!

AJ: But I just need to enter the password.

Computer: Please enter password.

AJ: Ninja.

Computer: Don't know what Nympha is. Please try again.

AJ: NIN-Ja. Augh...

Computer: Don't know what Ninjago is. Please try again.


Computer: Password accepted. *Stealth cannons come out of the streets to take down airships*

AJ: Remind me to tell Redboy to fix this computer.

DK: I hope this helps.

Dre: Same.

Indi: I'm just waiting for our friends to come back.

Meanwhile, in Station Square...

Sonic: Give up that blue crystal, Egghead!

Eggman: It's EggMAN! You know my name is Dr. Eggman! You do that on purpose!

Sonic: Do what, Egghead?

Tails: *Comlink* Sonic, I'm on my way! I have Knuckles and some guests with me!

Imp: I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it!

Dolphy: All those RPs are gonna pay off!

Rhys: All those YouTube videos make me see Eggman differently... Long story :P

Eggman: Snooping as usual, I see! Who are you people?

Meanwhile, on Planet Zebes...

Samus: Who are you two? Are you with the Space Pirates?

Agranix: Don't you remember me? I came with you to discuss the Life Crystal crisis! We came here because I hid one here!

Tanner: I love your games?

Samus: Games?

Agranix: Yeah. I chronicled your adventures and made them into video games.

Tanner: You work for Nintendo?

Agranix: I sure do! Years ago, when I first came to Earth, I got a job there. Then I left because of a distress signal. It was Xagbrain, and you get the idea.

Samus: Who is this "Xagbrain"... Is it Mother Brain?

Agarnix: Worse.

Meanwhile, in Hyrule...

Wari: So, you'll take us to the castle, Link?

Link: *Nods*

Legored: Alright!

Wavey: But how will we get there?

Leghobros: We're in the middle of Hyrule Field, in Lon Lon Ranch... I cam see Hyrule Castle over there! *Points to the castle*

Link: *Points to horses*

(*Link, Legored, Wari, Leghobros, and Wavey ride to the castle*

Guard: You're bringing guests?

Link: *nods*

Guard: In that case, come on through.

(*The King of Hyrule waits at the front*

King: Mah boi! You're back! And you have brought guests!

Link: *Nods*

King: Sorry about this everyone. My daughter, Princess Zelda, has been kidnapped by Ganondorf so he can claim the Triforce of Wisdom. We'll discuss this inside. I wonder what's for dinner...


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