DarkTan: Is it ready, turtle boy?

Bowser Jr: Yup! Pocket portal is ready!

Bowser: Good work, son! Now, to find those tresspassers, and reclaim Birdetta and the princess! Big Mouth, prepare the weapons on the airships!

Big Mouth: Can't you call us by our real names?


Morton: Yes, my lord!

Larry: Sorry for breaking the 4th wall, but thank god the writer refers to me by my real name now rather than watching the cartoons too much!

Darkred: What the heck are you talking about?

Larry: Nothing.

Wendy: I gotta pick a bow for an invasion like this!

Darkred: Yeah, because that one gives me a nosebleed! *Gets slapped by Wendy* Drat... Now I really have one...

Wendy: Idiot.

Dark Imp: I can't wait to take back the gloves that were stolen by me!

Sharky: You're all worked up for scrappy spiky boxing gloves?

Iggy: I wanna go already!

Bowser: Fine! Everyone, climb aboard!

Darkred: I am going to enjoy killing people! Now, can someone get me a tissue for my bloody nose?

(*The Evil MMCers, the Koopalings, and the rest of the Koopa Troop climb aboard multiple airships*

Kamek: *Enchants the ships so they can have rotors and rocket engines* All ready to fly! Everyone climb aboard NOW, or we'll leave you behind!

(*Goombas, Koopas, Lakitus, Bob-ombs, Birdos, Buzzy Beetles, and other goons climb aboard the airships*

Bowser: Son, activate that pocket portal!

Bowser Jr: Yes, dad! *Opens portal to LEGO City, and airships enter*

At the Hardcore Hub...

DK: Guys... Anyone order airships?

Greenie: How did they get here?

Indi: Does this mean we have to go out there and fight?

At the MMC...

Mario: MAMMA MIA!!!!!

Peach: What?

Mario: Look! *Points to the airships*

Birdetta: Oh no... Not Bowser again!

Luigi: Let's-a protect the princess and Birdetta!

(*TV turns on*

News Anchor: First aliens, a creepy 2-second long message, and now flying pirate ships? What is the government's plan to stop this alien threat?

President: I have dispatched platoons of the army down at the location of invasion, which is LEGO City.

(*Tanks line up, ready to shoot down the airships*

General: Fire!

(*Tanks shoot at airships*

Bowser: Fire!

(*Airships fire Bullet Bills which cancel out the missiles*

In Xagbrain's ship...

Xagbrain: WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?!?!?!?! SOMEONE ALREADY STARTED AN INVASION BEFORE ME!!!!!!!!!! *Slams fist down, accidentally pressing another escape pod button which launches another Xagbot*


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