(*Tanner and Agranix land in the deep cold caverns of Planet Zebes*

Tanner: Eww... It's dark in here!

Agranix: Let me get some light! *Turns a light on his glove*

Tanner: I need your gloves! *Is mesmerized*

Agranix: Sorry, but this is advanced Geraxian technology!

Tanner: I just wanna look at it!

Samus: Who are you two? *Points cannon at Tanner and Agranix*

Meanwhile, in Hyrule...

(*Legored, Wavey, Leghobros and Wari land in the middle of Lon Lon Ranch*

Wari: Legored... You can snap out of it now!

Legored: *Is frozen* Sorry... It's just that I do not wanna wash this cheek ever again! *Sees a horse* WATCH OUT!!!

(*The Munchies jump out of the way*


Leghobros: Is that... Link?

Link: *Turns around* ...? *Points sword at the Munchies*

Wari: Wait! It's not what you think, Link! We're fans! We're just here to find a crystal that will... Save or destroy our world.

Legored: Yeah...the who Xagbrain is confusing me... But we still need the crystal.

Link:.... (Okay. I just wonder what Ganon's up to,)

Wavey: Maybe we need help from Zelda!

At the Hardcore Hub...

DK: Alright... Since I don't have any surveillance on our friends, let's check up on our good adversary Xagbrain.

Dre: How do you know what he's up to?

DK: I don't. Which is why I set these invisible space cameras to track down Xagbrain.

Inside Xagbrain's ship...

Xagbot: Doctor, we have visual on invisible objects spying on us! Check the radar!

Xagbrain: Shoot them down.

Xagbot: Yes doctor.

(*Xagbrain's ship shoots the cameras*

DK: Dang it.

AJ: Now I'm afraid!


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