DK: Looks like they went back for something.

Indi: Like what?

DK: I don't really know.

(*Donkey Kong plays in the background*

DK: Scorpio, Dre, now is not the time to play- Ooh! Donkey Kong!

Indi: Maybe that?

(*At the MMC, Mario and the others observe the frozen Dark Indi*

Mario: Mamma mia! It's-a creeping me out!

Luigi: Those-a kids must-a hate clones.

Birdetta: I wonder how long it'll take for everyone to come back... I wanted to ask Legored what all this pink stuff is coming out of my head... *Looks at hair*

Mario: They'll-a be fine.

(*In Sonic's world, Rhys, Dolphy and Imp land in Angel Island*

Dolphy: It's a shame Tanner couldn't come, but at least we can find that crystal!

???: If you're talking about the Master Emerald, you're gonna try and get through me!

Imp: Master Emerald... That voice... Is that... Knuckles?

Dolphy: I want Shadow!

Rhys: I want a TARDIS! Wait, wrong world!

Knuckles: Who are you, and how did you get here?

Imp: I am your biggest fan! *Swoons*

Rhys: We don't want the Master Emerald.

Imp: There was a blue glowing crystal that landed here, and we need it back.

Dolphy: By any chance, have you heard of someone named Agranix?

Knuckles: You know him?

Rhys: A little.

Dolphy: What are you doing back in Angel Island?

Knux: My duty is to protect this island from evil deterioration. Nothing is gonna stand in my way! *Punches a rock, revealing a blue crystal*

Imp: That's the one we need! Thankee!

Knux: No problem.

Rhys: Just one question: how are we gonna get off this island?

???: Does someone need a ride?

Everyone: TAILS!!!

Tails: *Flies up in Tornado* Hey Knuckles! And how do you people know my name?

Rhys: Ehh... :P

Back at the MMC...

Mario: I'm-a sure they will be fine!