(*Every screen in the world starts glitching out*

Xagbrain: Augh, my voice is dry. Drink Bot! *Drink Bot brings Xagbrain a drink* People of- *Drink Bot spills drink on broadcast server*

Drink Bot: Oops. Sorry.

Xagbrain: I WILL RIP YOUR CIRCUITS OUT, AND BEAT THE METAL OUT OF YOU, YOU STUPID PIECE OF SCRAP METAL!!!!!! *Shoots the Drink Bot over and over* Now I have to fix this. X-T9, throw him out the airlock.

X-T9: Will do! *Carries the Drink Bot to the airlock, and opens the door. The Drink Bot is pulled out into space*

Xagbrain: I can't believe I'm the only one here with REAL natural intelligence.


Agranix: What the... *Screen glitches out* What happened?

Wavey: Must be Big Brain's doing.

Tanner: Well, no matter. I wanna go explore another world.

Agranix: Not so fast, Tanner. The world you wanna go is too dangerous. Let me come with you.

Tanner: I've played Metroid a couple of times. I know what to do!

Agranix: But have you experienced it?

Tanner: Nope! Can the others come?

Agranix: No.

Dolphy: Awww...

Imp: Darn...

Rhys: Hey, it's okay! I heard you can go to Sonic's world!

Dolphy: AGRANIX!!! GIVE ME A POCKET PORTAL, NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Imp: That includes Knuckles?

Rhys: I guess.

Imp: YAY!!!!

Agranix: Here. I'm passing portals to the worlds you wanna go to. We only have 3 more crystals to find. Xagbrain's ship is the only place where we can destroy them, and use any leftovers to revive Gerax.

Birdetta: be careful, Legored!

Legored: Don't worry. I won't be long.

Birdetta: You'll need this. *Kisses Legored's cheek*

Legored: *Freezes up with a smile*

Mario: Good-a luck, everyone!

(*Agranix and Tanner go to Planet Zebes, Rhys, Wavey, Dolphy and Imp go to Sonic's world, Legored, Wari and Leghobros go to Hyrule*


Bowser: COME HERE!!! *Spews flames at Kamek* I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU USED THAT SPELL ON HER!!!!!!

Kamek: I'm so sorry, Lord Bowser... *Dodges fire* I dunno what went on... I got knocked out by that swinging cage!

Dark Tan: If you're done fooling around, can we please escape this world and find them?

Dark Red: I want that bow headed one!

Kootie Pie: Hey! *Slaps Dark Red*

Dark Red: I was'nt talking about you, toots. *Gets slapped again*

Sharky: What about the pocket portal? They got jammed!

Dark Leghobros: I think I can hack them so they're

Bowser Jr: I made a few robots used to combat Mario, let me do it! * Looks at pocket portal* WHAT KIND OF ALIEN TECHNOLOGY IS THIS?!?!?!?!?!


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