(*The portal appears in the MMC and the MMCers end up in the MMC*

Mario: Mamma-mia! Where-a are we?

Tanner: Welcome, to.... the real world!

Wari: In other words, Earth.

Agranix: Did everyone make it back safely? *Counts everyone* Who's the pink haired girl?

Birdetta: *Facepalm* It's me, Birdetta!

Legored: Kamek accidentally turned her into a human.

Birdetta: How do I look?

Legored: You look... you look................ beautiful!

Birdetta: Really?

Tanner: Anyways, now that we're back at the MMC, where to next?

Agranix: Not sure. But we do have to find those crystals! We have this one.

Wavey: What does Xagbrain want the crystals for?

Agranix: He wants to use them to power an extremely powerful weapon... the same weapon that destroyed my planet. The weapon uses energy from the crystals, and when the weapon is fired, it devastates an entire area depending on the number of crystals inserted. We need to find the other crystals, defeat Xagbrain, and use what's left of the crystals's energy to restore my planet.

Birdetta: Who exactly is Xagbrain?

Legored: And evil scientist who is hunting us down, which does explain the clones of us.

Imp: So, where is the next crystal?

Agranix: I have 3 more worlds we can visit to find the crystals. We may have to split up in order to find them faster. I have a feeling Xagbrain is planning something.

Dolphy: SONIC!!!!!!!!!

Agranix: You all lack patience!

Luigi: What-a 'bout-a us?

Dolphy: You can stay.

Agranix: She's right. You may have to stay.

Leghobros: I wonder how people might react seeing Mario characters in here...

Tanner: Should I close the MMC to the public for now?

Agranix: I guess.

Birdetta: Legored... does this mean I can't go with you?

Legored: I guess it's for the better.

Birdetta: I believe in you.

Rhys: *Sneaks up on the MMCers* Boo!

Legored: YEARGH!!!!..............

Other MMCers: Rhys?

Dolphy: How long have you been here?

Rhys: Since yesterday.

Agranix: Another recruit? Nice.

Rhys: So, when are we going to find those crystals?

Agranix: Tomorrow morning.

Peach: Where are we going to sleep?

Tanner: It's kinda abandoned upstairs. There was once an apartment here. The furniture is still there.

Luigi: I hope-a it's not-a 'bandoned with spiders and webs!

Agranix: When I first came here I was injured, and then I woke up in a bed in the apartment area.

Rhys: Injured?

Agranix: I crash landed here. Anyways, we leave at dawn tomorrow!

Meanwhile, at the Hardcore Hub...

DK: Looks like they're back!

Indi: Then we can go see them!

Dre: Please?

AJ: *Swoops in from the ceiling* Not a good idea. It'll ruin their safety.

Indi: Oh... Drat...

DK: With what happened before they left, that fight with their clones, we don't wanna risk it.


Xagbrain: X-6T, send out the camera drones!

X-6T: on it, doctor!

Xagbrain: Put one in front of me! Perfect. How do I look?

X-6T: You look like a bulging headed scientist.

Xagbrain: *Shoots X-6T* WRONG!!! X-7T, prepare the hotspot! We will record this message down to every media device on Earth! *Looks at another Xagbot, who was still standing in formation* YOU!!! QUIT LOLLYGAGGING! *Shoots the Xagbot* Sheesh... it's like I'm working with imbeciles.... that I created.

DH-5T: Doctor, the weapon is ready.

Xagbrain: Good. *Presses button, and a life crystal comes out* With this crystal, the world shall fear me! Take it to the control deck.

DH-5T: Yes, doctor!

Xagbrain: Now, we are live in 5 seconds, 4, 3, 2, 1...


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