Indi: Who else is here?

DK: Just Greenie, AJ, and RL.

Scorpio: I'm confuzzled. How long have you been here?

DK: A while. I created the Hardcore Hub to serve for surveillance after that first alien crash landing. You've seen the news, right?

Indi: Yeah.

DK: I noticed everyone else was involved. legored, tanner, Dolphy, Imp, Leghobros, Wavey, and Wari!

Indi: I wanna know where they are!

DK: I have'nt seen them.

Dre: Certainly a mystery!

Indi: Rhys was here a while. he's back at the MMC.

(*Rhys is talking to a frozen dark Indi*

Rhys: So... Are you chilling in there?

Dark Indi: MMMRRRMMMMM!!!!!


Xagbrain: Alright you tin cans. In 3 days we will unleash heck on that puny planet below. If they don't surrender the crystals, I will destroy Earth like I did with Gerax. My master will be pleased.

Xagbot: Indeed.

Xagbrain: GET BACK IN FORMATION!!! Anyways, with those clones out to destroy those kids, we must now strike fear into the people of Earth! Prepare the uplink!

Xagbot: yes, doctor. *Runs off, bumping into another Xagbot, and into another room*

Xagbrain: Imbecile.


(*The Evil MMCers corner the MMCers into Bowser's throne room*

DarkTan: Don't even think about escaping.

DarkRed: We are now part of Bowser's Troop! Wait... they are part of OUR troop now! During your rescues, we had a little talk.

Bowser: You want this crystal? Forget it!

Peach: You won't get away with this!

Bowser: Indeed I will Princess, with the help of my son, Kamek, and my Koopalings, and my undead army!

Mario: Ay mamma mia...

Birdetta: This is as far as you'll go, Bowser. I won't let you hurt them!

DarkRed: Shut up. *Grabs Birdetta*

Legored: LET HER GO!!!

DarkRed: Not until you forfeit.

Birdetta: Don't listen to him, Legored!

Kamek: *Wakes up* Ow... that hurt... *Looks at the 2 groups looking at each other* Lord Bowser! Do not forget me!

Tanner: let's just calmly... FIGHT!!!!!

(*Everyone starts fighting*

Imp: *Dodges Dark imp's jabs* ECHIDNA POWER!!!

Dark Imp: What? *Gets punched*

Dolphy: *Back to back with Tanner* So this is where things get real now?

Tanner: *Fights off DarkTan and Kamek's magic* I guess!

Leghobros: So this is where the fun begins!

Wavey: Yep!

Mario: It's-a lot more fun outwitting-a Bowser!

Luigi: Yeah!

Dark Wave: We will sure have fun... when i finish you!

(*Legored dodges Kamek's magic, while Birdetta breaks free from DarkRed and shoots at Kamek as well.*

Kamek: GET THIS YOLK OFF OF ME!!! *Fires magic at Birdetta*

Legored: NOOOO!!!!!

(*Magic hits Birdetta, and the cloud clears up to reveal a uman girl with pink hair and a bow*

Legored: *Drops Red McEpic*

DarkRed: Pathetic.

(*Wari tries to reach for the crystal, while Agranix shoots some Goombas and Koopas*

Wari: Almost got it... *Dark Wari grabs his leg* HEY!!!! HELP!!!

Agranix: I got it. *Aims at a Bob-Omb and blows Dark Wari into a chandelier*

Dark Wari: I hate you all.

Birdetta: *Looks at hands* What... am I? *Gets grabbed by DarkRed again* HELP!!!

Legored: I WILL BREAK YOU... I mean, ME!!!! *Charges at DarkRed and DarkRed holds Birdetta infront of him. Legored stops. Please let her go!

DarkRed: No.

Birdetta: Augh. *Slaps DarkRed*

DarkRed: HEY!!!

Legored: LET HER GO!!!

DarkRed: Not until you surrender.

Legored: I SURRENDER!!!!

DarkRed: Good. *Throws Birdetta to the ground*

Legored: Not. *Hits DarkRed with Red McEpic* Are you okay Birdetta?

Bowser: This is getting ridiculous. *Spews fire at everyone*


DarkTan: This is gettng too easy! *Pulls out a blaster*

Tanner: WHERE THE HECK DID YOU GET THAT? *Raises TanShield*

(*Koopalings do all they can to battle everyone, and Big Mouth gets knocked into a wall by Wavey*

Dark Wari: EASY!!!! *Clings from chandelier*

(*Chandelier falls and lands on top of Bowser*

Bowser Jr: DAD!!!

Bowser: I'm okay.

Sharky: Look! *Points to Agranix grabbing the crystal*

DarkTan: *Points blaster at Agranix* I got this. *Fires*

Tanner: What an idiot. *Hits DarkTan with TanShield*

Agranix: *Dodges blast* I GOT IT!!!

Tanner: Now we must get out of here!

Mario: What about-a us?

Leghobros: I think you can come to!

Luigi: Alright!

Agranix: Everyone! Hurry to the portal!

Wari: What if they catch us?

Agranix: i'll use a jammer!

Wari: What's that?

Agranix: It'll jam portal creation for a cretain amount of time!

(*All the MMCers, Agranix, Birdetta, Mario, Luigi and Peach run into the portal*

Bowser: COME BACK!!!! *Dives at portal, but it closes and crashes to the ground*

Kamek: I do wonder if I accidentally used a Humanosa Espinoza spell on Birdetta...


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