Tanner: Does anyone know where the torture room is?

Imp: I dunno... we've never been in this castle.

Dolphy: How about here? *Points to a sign that reads "Torture Room*

Imp: Wow... that was obvious. :P

(*Sounds of screaming going on*

Agranix: STOP!!! STOP IT!!! IT HURTS!!!!!

Fizzlit: Bzzt itz fun... bzzt...

Tanner: Let's blow this place!

(*Tanner breaks the door open with his Tan Shield, and Dolphy kills the Fizzlit with her hammer*

Imp: We're here to rescue you!

Agranix: Where's everyone else?

Tanner: Legored went to go rescue his girlfriend, and the others are off to rescue Mario and Luigi.

Agranix: What?

Tanner: Never mind.

Agranix: And the crystal?

Dolphy: Still in the throne room!


Wavey: Wow... an aquarium... in a castle full of lava!

Leghobros: Bowser must be an architect...

Wari: Uhh... guys? *Points to tank*

Peach: is that a...

(*Fish smashes out of tank*

All: BIG BERTHA!!!!!!

(*Big Bertha chases the four into the room Mario and Luigi are held in*


Mario: You're-a here to save-a us!

Peach: MARIO!!!!

Luigi: And-a Luigi!

Peach: We have a little problem here!

Wavey: Yeah! A Big Bertha!

Leghobros: It's HUNGRY!!!!!

Mario: How-a are you gonna save-a us?

Leghobros: I don't know!'

Thwomp: WHAT'S WITH ALL THE SHOUTING?! *Falls downward and tries to smash the four*

Wari: Look out!

(*Everyone gets out of the way and the Thwomp smashes Big Bertha, squirting water into the lava underneath Mario and Luigi, and the impact makes the rope loosen from the hook, and Mario and Luigi land on the lava platform*

Thwomp: Dang it.

Mario: YA AHAHAHA!!! HOT-A!!!

Peach: Need a lift?

Wavey: Never saw the Thwomp coming.


(*Birdetta sits in her dungeon cell all sad*

Dry Bones: Hey. What's wrong?

Birdetta: I was finally free... but now I'm not. I wanted a life away from Bowser... after what happened over at Teehee Valley...

Dry Bones: And?

Birdetta: I realized how free I was after I meet this really darling boy... he saved my life.

Dry Bones: Ooh!

(*Legored stands outside the dungeon wall listening*

Legored: ... What am I feeling now? *Tries to bust the wall open*

Birdetta: Legored?

Dry Bones: What a wierd name.

Birdetta: Shhh.

Legored: *Hits the wall with Red McEpic* Come on... *Sees a Bob-omb* Ah ha! *Grabs the Bob-omb*

Bob-omb: Don't make me explode on your face!

Legored: FIRE IN THE HOLE!!!!

Bob-omb: Son of a- *Explodes* *The whole wall comes down*

Birdetta: Legored! *Hugs Legored*

Legored: I'm here now.

Dry Bones: Aw... isn't that sweet... when I get my body back from Bowser, he's gonna outlaw that! Aren't crystals amazing?

Legored: What?!

Birdetta: The crystal! *Both Legored and Birdetta run to the throne room*

(*All the other MMCers run to the throne room, but are stopped by their clones*

DarkTan: HOLD-

Dark Imp: IT-

Dark Wari: RIGHT-

DarkRed: THERE!!!



Indi: I guess we're gonna have to fight... me.

Dark Indi: I'll tell my master xagbrain to clone you all as well! We're gonna have a fun time killing you all!

Scorpio: I don't wanna die!

Dre: We won't.

Scorpio: AHHHHHHH!!!!! *Runs towards Dark Indi*

Dark Indi: You missed. *Runs out of the way and scorpio trips*

Indi: That's it! *Pushes Dark Indi to the freezer and Rhys closes it*

Dark indi: YOU'LL REGRET THIS!!!!!!!

Indi: No we won't.

Dre: Nice work!

Scorpio: Guys! Take a look at this! *Finds a hand scanner*

Indi: Hmmm... Strange... Why would that be here at the MMC? *Places hand on scanner and it opens*

Rhys: You go right ahead. I'll stay here.

(*Indi, Dre and Scorpio walk into a hidden elevator and enter a strange control room*

???: Welcome to the Hardcore Hub, Indi! Didn't expect anyone else, but that's fine!

Indi: DK?! DK: Surprise......?


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