(*Dark Indi enters the MMC*

Dark Indi: Now, where is that fool?

(*Knocks all the tables and chairs over* WHERE ARE YOU?!

Indi: *Whispers* Okay. I'm officially scared.

Rhys: What do you mean you're scared? You're the owner f this place!

Indi: How do you know?

Rhys: it says on your name plate.

Dre: We can't just sit here and hide! We need to fight!

Scorpio: YEAH!

Dark Indi: THERE YOU ARE!!!!

(*Indi, Dre and Rhys stare angrily at Scorpio*

Scorpio: Whoops.

Indi: I don't care if I'm scared anymore! We must fight! *Grabs random weapons*

Dark Indi: Oh... Poor little suckers want to fight? Bring it.


Imp: *Whispers* Everyone, run to the edge.

Wari: Why?

Imp: We'll reach the princess.

Legored: Trust us!

Tanner: Okay then.

  • The MMCers run to the left, and the cage swings left*

Legored: O_O I forgot about distracting Bowser!

Bowser: What are you kids doing!?

Legohobros: Here! Use this!

Tanner: A pizza bagel? You took that with you from the MMC?

Leghobros: I thought it would make a good use, now is the perfect time to use it, and with our clones in another room, now's a good time to throw it at Bowser, even if it kills us!

Wavey: Then do it!

Leghobros: Goodbye, pizza bagel! *Throws it at Bowser*

Bowser: AGHA!!!! WHAT IS THIS STUFF? I SMELL LIKE TOMATOES!!!! Kamek! Keep watch of those kids while I go wash my face. Son! Round up the Koopalings again!

Bowser Jr: Will do. Whata bout those clones?

Bowser: Leave them.

Imp: Everyone! Keep rocking the cage!

Kamek: STOP!!! *Gets whacked by the cage and spins out into a wall*

Legored: Almost there...

Peach: What are you doing?

Tanner: Escaping!

Dolphy: Trust us!

Wari: Everyone! Quick, grab Peach's cage!

(*The MMCers all grab Peach's cage*

Peach: What do we do now?

Imp: Uh... I dunno...

Legored: Do you think you could squeeze in into our cage?

Peach: I don't know... I'll try... *Tries to squeeze through* Uh-oh... I'm stuck!

Wavey: Not good...

Imp: We were gonna rock the cage so that it loosens the hook up there, but we needed to free the princess!

Tanner: If she's stuck in the bars of OUR cage, what's gonna happen to her when the cage falls?

Legored: I think we may have to risk it.


Tanner: He may have a good point.

Dolphy: Then let's go swinging again!

(*The MMCers swing the cage until it falls*

Tanner: So... what are the odds of us surviving?

(*Bowser Jr comes in with the Koopalings*

Bowser Jr: What... the... RUN!!!!! *Bowser Jr runs off while Bully stays behind confused*

What is going on?

(*The cage crashes in front of Bully*

Bowser Jr: Whoa.

Tanner: Is everyone alright?

Imp: I am!

Wari: i'm okay!

Legored: I think we all are.

Peach: I'm fine.

Dolphy: Wow... and the cage broke!

Legored: *Looks at Bully* YOU!!!!!! *Chases Bully, Bully uses his wand to try and stop him, Legored kicks it out of his hand and pins Bully to the wall* WHERE IS BIRDETTA? WHERE IS SHE?!

Bully: I... can't... tell you... *Legored smashes part of the wall with Red McEpic*

  • The rest of the Koopalings run in fear*

Kootie Pie: Let's bail!

Kooky: Right back at'cha!

Bowser Jr: DON'T LEAVE, YOU COWARDS!!! *To Legored* LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!!!

Tanner: *Grabs Bowser Jr* I got him! Looks like someone needs a time-out!

Bowser Jr: Let go of me!


Bully: She's in the dungeon...

Legored: *Throws Bully to the ground* Thanks. You can go rescue Mario and Luigi and Agranix... I'll go rescue Birdetta.

Imp: Go ahead.

Tanner: Now, Dolphy, Imp, let's take this kid out for some ice cream!


Tanner: Not until you tell me where Agranix is.

Bowser Jr: Fine. Over at the torture room.

Dolphy: Thanks.

Wari: Let's go! Maybe we'll go for the crystal afterward since Agranix knows more about it.

Peach: Waht was Bowser gonna use that for?

Wavey: I dunno.

(*Tanner, Dolphy and Imp go to rescue Agranix, while Legohobros, Peach, Wavey and Wari go to rescue Mario and Luigi, and Legored goes to rescue Birdetta.*

Bowser: *Walks in and sees an unconscious Kamek, broken cages, Peach gone, MMCers gone, Bully traumatized, and the Koopalings gone* JUNIOR, YOU ARE SO GROUNDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dark Tan: *Runs in* Mind if we find them and kill them?

Bowser: Go right ahead.


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