• Tanner: Okay, Dolphy, Wari, Leghobros. Here's what happened: That guy in bed is from space and crash landed.

  • Wari: Okay now!

  • Tanner: So we're taking care of him.

  • Legored: But what did he mean by "Xagbrain"?

  • Agranix: Xagbrain...

  • Wavey: Okay... What happened?

  • Agranix: Here's the backstory:

  • Dr. Xagbrain was a brilliant scientist named Dr. Xagbron. He had been studying the effects of these crystals, the Crystals of Life, a life source for the planet Gerax. My father was his partner to work in his studies. But one day, an accident occurred. Dr. Xagbron was mutated into a form so hideous as a result of the accident. He was corrupted. The Life Crystals corrupted his mind, and wanted them all to himself, so he declared a civil war on Gerax. The war raged for years, and when Xagbrain had enough, he stole the crystals and destroyed Gerax. I managed to escape, realizing my father, my friends, gone. I stole the crystals back and escaped. Xagbrain had been traveling the galaxy looking for me. My spaceship ran out of fuel, and I crash landed here. We need to hide these crystals from Xagbrain. He is incredibly dangerous. Will you help me?

  • Tanner: I'm in!

  • Legored: I could use some adventure!

  • Wavey: Agreed!

  • Dolphy: I'm coming too!

  • Wari: Anything to defeat Xagbrain!

  • Leghobros: This will be our biggest adventure!

  • Tanner: Let's wait for the other MMCers to come and help!

  • Wavey: Uh... Guys... *Points out the window* There's a spaceship landing!

  • Agranix: He's here!


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