(*The MMCers wake up in a cage*

Tanner: Ugh... What happened... *Looks out the cage* O_O HOW THE DICKENS DID WE GET HERE?!

Wavey: Chickens... O_O WILL YOU BE QUIET?! I'M TRYING TO SLEE- *Looks out the cage*

Legored: Where's Birdetta?

Imp: What about the princess?

Leghobros: Mario! Luigi! WHERE ARE YOU!!!

Dolphy: SOMEONE LET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!! *Bangs on bars*

Bowser: WILL YOU ALL SHUT UP!!!!! *Spews flames*

Tanner: AHHH!!! FIRE!!! *Jumps on Dolphy in fear*

Bowser: *To Evil MMCers* You look very useful. You helped me snag the princess. You deserve rewards.

DarkTan: What about that glowing blue crystal?

Bowser: Except that.

Bowser Jr: Dad, you can give them some coins!

Bowser: that's my boy!

Cheatsy: Bowser, what about Birdetta? She went against us all!

Bowser: Birdetta!

Birdetta: Yes, Bowser.

Bowser: *Cough cough*

Birdetta: Yes, Lord Bowser.

Bowser: You have committed treason against the entire Koopa Troop!

Birdetta: I don't care, Bowser. You never cared for me.

Bowser: Because you hardly do anything!

Birdetta: That may be, but I finally realized what I am capable of!

Bowser: You committed treason, and that's that. I sentence you to the dungeon for 300 years!

Birdetta: NO!!

Bowser: Son! Call in the Koopalings!

Bowser Jr: Got it. Koopalings!

Bowser: No.

Birdetta: PLEASE!!! *Stares at Legored*

Bowser: DUNGEON!!! Bully, Big Mouth! Take her to the dungeon!

Birdetta: LET GO OF ME!!! *Shoots an egg at Bowser*

Bowser: Egh! Get this stuff off of me!

Tanner: Wow. Some drama.

Legored: BIRDETTA!!!! COME BACK!!! *Pulls out red McEpic and bashes the bars*

Wavey: What about Mario and Luigi?

(*Mario and Luigi are tied upside down over lava*

Peach: Hello?

Leghobros: Princess!

Tanner: She's over at that other cage!

Imp: How are we gonna free her as well?

Dolphy: Let's use my hammer! *Pulls out hammer*

Wavey: Where exactly do you keep that?

Bowser: SHUT UP!!!! *Spews flames*

Tanner: HOLD ME DOLPHY!!!!

Imp: *Whispers* Let's try swinging to the princess.

Legored: *Whispers* Good idea. But we're gonna distract Bowser and his kid.

Tanner: Whatever happened to Agranix?

(*Agranix is being tortured by Kamek*


Indi: She's coming!

Dre: Battle positions!

Scorpio: On it!

(*Rhys walks in*

(*Indi, Dre and Scorpio jump out*

Rhys: Hi!

Indi: *facepalm*

Rhys: What?

Indi: There's someone after us.

Rhys: Can I introduce myself? I'm Rhys Tennant.

Indi: i'm Indi Kid. Nad that's Dre and Scorpio.

(*Escape pod crashes*

Indi: SHE'S HERE!!! HIDE!!!!


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