Legored: Well, on to Bowser's Cas- GAH!! *Door hits Legored*

Toad: Mario! It's horrible! Bowser is going to kidnap Princess Peach again!

Mario: Mamma-Mia!!!

Agranix: I guess Bowser will lead us to his castle.

Luigi: Let's-a go then!

Tanner: I guess we're gonna have another big battle!

Imp: As long as our clones are there.

Birdetta: *Runs to Legored* ARE YOU OKAY?

Legored: *Muffled sound*

Wari: Someone help him!

Birdetta: Got it covered! *Frees Legored*


Wavey: And save the princess!

Toad: I think we should hurry!

(*The MMCers run to Peach's Castle*

Mario: Princess!

Peach: MARIO!!!!

(*The Evil MMCers are holding Peach in their grasp*

Tanner: Great. Not these guys again!

DarkTan: Sorry to bother you, but we'll take the princess now.

(*The Evil MMCers attack the MMCers*

Leghobros: Let's be careful not to hit the princess!

(*A cannon blast busts the castle wall open, and Bowser swoops down with the Koopalings*

Cheatsy: Hey! Those goons got the princess before we did!

DarkRed: Who are you?

Bowser: BWAHAHAHAHA!!!! I am King Bowser of the Koopa Kingdom! WHo might you be?

DarkRed: We are the Dark Side! *Gets slapped by DarkTan*

DarkTan: We never agreed to that name!

Dark Imp: I did!

DarkTan: SHUT UP!!!

Birdetta: *Looks at the Evil MMCers* I don't know who you think you are, but this is as far as you'll go!

Legored: Isn't that your catchphrase?

Birdetta: Do you like it? :3


Mario: Let-a us do it!

Luigi: We've done this-a 57 times!

Bowser: Minions! ATTACK!!!!

Imp: *Battles Goombas with Spiked Gloves*

Dark Imp: YOU!!!!!!! GIVE ME BACK MY GLOVES!!!

Bowser Jr.: I think I have an idea, dad!

Bowser: Let me hear it.

Bowser Jr.: We can make those dark people team up with us! We can use them to destroy Mario, Luigi and those guys!

Bowser: Not a bad idea!

Bully: Should I use the Sleep Cannon?

Bowser: Yes.

Bully: *Tosses Sleep Cannon to DarkTan*

DarkTan: What?

Bully: Shoot them with it!

DarkTan: Okay then. *Aims at Tanner*

Tanner: Wha- *Gets hit*

Bully: Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!!!

(*Legored battles Goombas, Koopas, and DarkRed*

DarkTan: *Aims at Legored* Nighty night!

Legored: What? NOOOOOO!!!!!



Xagbrain: Welcome, my creation.

Dark Indi: Yes, master.

Xagbrain: I will launch you down to earth. There's someone I need for you to eliminate.

Dark Indi: Very well. *Enters escape pod*

???: XAGBRAIN!!!

Xagbrain: Yes?


Xagbrain: I have'nt found them yet.

???: You need to hurry up and find them. You must set up an invasion! Find the people who stole the crystals, and KILL them.

Xagbrain: I will prepare the invasion in 3 days.

???: Do not disappoint me.

Xagbrain: Yes sir.


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