• The sun rises above Mario's house*

Mario: Good-a morning, campers!

Agranix: Good morning guys!

Birdetta: The best beauty sleep ever!

Dolphy: What's on the agenda now? Dolphy want Sonic!

Agranix: No time for breakfast- oh... I see what you mean...

Legored: I can't wait to fight Bowser alongside Mario and Luigi!

Leghobros and Wavey: Same here!

Legored: And Birdetta told me about a guy named Popple... If I ever see him, I'll kick his sorry little butt.

Wavey: Ouch.

Tanner: I'm ready!

(*Everyone enters the Mario Bros. house*

Agranix: Mario, do you have a map?

Mario: Indeed-a I do! *Opens map* Okie Dokie! Here we are, and here's Bowser's Castle.


Dark Wari: Nice going DarkTan!

Dark Imp: At least we never payed for room service!

Sharky: Let's find our copycats eliminate them off the face of the earth!

DarkRed: Here's the wierd house!

DarkTan: Look! *Sees the MMCers* They're inside!

Imp: So, how many times has the Princess been kidnapped?

Mario: Let's-a see... 57 times!

Wari: O_O

Birdetta: Good times trying to stop you from rescuing her... But who am I kidding! :P

Agranix: We'd better get going to Bowser's Castle and find that crystal!

DarkTan: Princess, huh? Let's go, guys. Let's set a trap up!

DarkRed: I'm ready!


Bowser: Onward, my followers! Let's fly to Peach's Castle for a little looting!


Scorpio: Are you almost done booby trapping the MMC Indi?

Indi: Done! I'm still worried my little clone will avoid them... Let's close the blinds, turn the lights off, and hide!

Dre: Would'nt we need weapons?

Indi: Right... *Pulls out a frying pan, rolling pin, and spatula*

Dre: Let's do this!

  • Indi, Dre and Scorpio hide, and a man walks in the MMC*

Man: Hello? Anyone there?

Indi, Dre and Scorpio: *Jump out* BAH!!!

(*Man runs out screaming*

Indi: Okay, maybe we should have the blinds slightly open.