Tanner: *Looks out the window* It looks like it's getting dark out!

Agranix: Where can we sleep?

Mario: Mamma mia... I don't-a know. But you can-a have a campout!

Luigi: We can-a roast some marshmallows! *Eats a marshmallow* Ah... straight-a from Puff Land-a.

Legored: Can we sing campfire songs?

Imp: Which songs did you have in mind?

Legored: I dunno!

Wavey: So, where do we camp?

Mario: You can-a go out-a side the house!

Tanner: Uh.

Dophy: What's wrong?

Tanner: I dunno... I had a chill right there. Mario, Luigi, can we have a tent?

Luigi: I'm-a getting it!

Leghobros: Alrighty! Lets get to it!

(*That night, Legored and Birdetta sit on top of the house chatting, Tanner is singing to Dolphy and Imp, and Wavey, Wari and Leghobros are chatting overall*

Birdetta: ... And then he BLAMES me for losing to them, so I threw him into a wall.

Legored: Wow. Popple seems to be a jerk.

Birdetta: He was! Y'know, my heart felt broken after that. Boys like that make me mad.

Legored: Hmm... I'm so sorry. But at least we're here now. Watching the sunset.

Birdetta: Thanks. Y'know, you are pretty brave. Im glad you rescued me, and I'm glad I ditched Bowser.

(*Both close in on each other*

Leghobros: You do know know your of different species, right?

Legored: *Moves back* Maybe some other time. *Jumps off roof* Goodnight!

Birdetta: Okay. See you in the morning.

Tanner: Okay... any requests, Tangirls?

Dolphy: Dreams of an Absolution!

Tanner: Okay! I'll do it! In the nightlight, do you see what you dream-

Mario: Good night-a, everyone!

Tanner: Nighty night!

Wari: I just want to get more smores!

Agranix: We head for Bowser's Castle at dawn.


DarkTan: It's nighttime already?

Sharky: Maybe the days are shorter here.

DarkRed: Where are we supposed to sleep?

DarkWave: There's a hotel here.

Dark Imp: Do we even have money?

DarkTan: Who cares if we get a free stay?

(*Evil MMCers walk into the hotel*

Bellhop: Welcome to the Mush-Room Motel!

DarkTan: Give us a room.

Bellhop: *Fearful look on his face* H-here you go... s-sir...


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