(*Agranix, Birdetta, Mario, Luigi and the MMCers sit around a table eating spaghetti*

Tanner: This is good spaghetti!

Dolphy: Best meal I've ever had! I dunno how I ever doubted you Mario. :)

Birdetta: I've never had spaghetti before! What are those brown things?

Legored: Those are meatballs! Try one!

Birdetta: Alright! *Sucks a meatball down* Mmm! Why are you staring at me?

Legored: Oh... Hehe, nothing. :)

Agranix: Mario, Luigi, thank you so much for this wonderful meal. Now, where can we find Bowser's Castle?

Mario: I'm-a gone there many times! But why whould-a we want to go there?

At Bowser's Castle...

Bowser: *Looks at Life Crystal* Can someone please tell me how this crystal got here?

Kamek: I do believe that this crystal did come from outer space, my lord Bowser.

Bowser: If it's from space, then it must have some sort of power. Wait... Where's Goombarry and the others? I sent them to the Mushroom Kingdom to spy on Peach!

Kamek: Which minions did you send out?

Bowser: 2 Birdos, a Goomba and a Koopa. But now, assemble the Koopalings!

Kamek: Yes, my lord.

(*Kamek flies off and rings a bell*

Kamek: Attention Koopalings! Your father is setting up another meeting!

(* Koopalings walk down stairs bored and tired and arguing*

Hip: I told you, Junior, I was'nt in your room! It was Big Mouth.

Bowser Jr: If it was Big Mouth, the sides of my door would be broken!

Kootie Pie: Big Mouth was the one who left a stain on one of my bows!

Big Mouth: RAWR! Big Mouth did nuthin!

(*All the Koopalings and Bowser Jr argue*

Bowser: SILENCE! My children, this crystal somehow came from space. I have gathered you all here so we can all figure what powers this thing has.

Bully: Does it cause harm?

Hip: Does it make stuff?

Hop: Is it a super hero's weakness?

Kookie: Maybe it does make stuff. Seems legit.

Bowser: Alright! Let's see if it does.

(*A Dry Bones walks by and curiously touches the crystal, and ends up with skin and a green shell, becoming a Koopa*

Dry Bones: I'm- I'm- I'M A KOOPA AGAIN!!!!

Bowser Jr: There's your answer.

Bowser: So this crystal can create life!

Kamek: My lord! It's true! Take a look in this book!

Bowser: *Reads book* Children, get ready, because we have a princess to loot! Kamek, get the Airships ready!

Kamek: yes, my lord!


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