Darkred: look, it's nothing personal, missy.

Indi: *Slaps Darkred* DO NOT CALL ME MISSY!!!!

DarkTan: Get a hold of yourself, Darkred! *Grabs Darkred's hat and slaps him with it*

Darkred: OW!!!

Scorpio: Hey! what about us?!

Legotad: I don't enjoy these ropes!

DarkTan: Hope you do! *Pulls out a syringe*

Dark Impulse: You took one of Xagbrain's syringes?

DarkTan: Just in case we need some interrogation.

Darkred: Or else little missy's gonna be a bit light on blood!

Indi: *Slaps Darkred again* DON'T CALL ME THAT!!!

Darkred: Give me the syringe.

DarkTan: No. I'm leader, I'll handle it. *Pulls out a probe bot*

Dre: What are you gonna do with us?

Dark Leghobros: Clone you.

DarkTan: This will only hurt a bit! *Injects Indi*

Indi: Now I feel itchy...

Scorpio: can I go next?

Legotad: *Smacks his elbow*

Indi: *After the syring detaches, the probe bot flies off, and Indi kicks DarkTan*

DarkTan: OOF!!!

(*Scorpio, Dre and Legotad free themselves*


Darkred: They escaped through here! *Pulls pocket portal*

DarkTan: Did you not forget?

Indi: they went in there?


(*The other clones tie Indi, Scorpio, Dre and Legotad back to their chairs again*

Darkred: Later losers!

(*The rest of the clones enter the portal*

Dre: that was pleasant... But on the bright side, they only... got... you...

Indi: Dang it... I guess we're gonna have to wait for an Evil Indi to come...

Back in the Mushroom Kingdom...

Agranix: There you are! Don't run off from us again and why is a Birdo with you?

Birdetta: Legored saved me!

Tanner: Sowwy...

Agranix: Okay, but just so we can all be in touch, take these. *Pulls out comlinks* You can put them in your wrists, ears, or on your cheek!

(*Tanner, Legored, Wari, Birdetta, Dolphy, Imp, Leghobros and Wavey each grab a comlink*

Agranix: Now, off to find the man that will lead us to Bowser's Castle!


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