(*Legored swings at Goombarry, Birdasia and Joe Koop*

  Joe Koop: *Hides in shell* WHO ARE YOU?!

  (*Birdasia shoots eggs at Legored, and Legored blocks them with Red McEpic*

  Goombarry: I'm outta here! *Tries to run, but is picked up by Legored, and smacked with Red McEpic and is sent flying*

  (*Joe Koop and Birdasia run off*

  Birdetta: Wow............ That was amazing!

  Legored: Are you alright?

  Birdetta: Sure! How can I repay you for saving me? I did'nt want to be a part of Bowser's Koopa Troop anymore!

  Legored: I dunno... Hey, since you know Bowser, how'bout you can tag along?

  Birdetta: More than anything!

  On the other side of a house...

  Wari: Where's Legored?

  Tanner: Did'nt the yelling come from over here?

  (*Goombarry flies in and lands inside a trash can next to Tanner and Wari*

  Goombarry: Please! Save me! Big red monster! With a bat!

  Tanner: About yay tall?

  Goombarry: YES!

  Wari: Thank you for that information!

  Tanner: *Looks at the Tan Shield and looks at the trash can* Aw man... Well, there's another trash can next to it! *Grabs trash can lid from the other trash can and puts it on the one Goombarry is stuck in*

  Goombarry: No! Whatareyoudoing? *Trash can is sealed and Tanner and Wari walk off* Hello? Anyone? I'm a Goomba trapped in a can! Hello? I'm scared!

  Wari: Legored!

  Legored: Hey, guys! Look at my new friend!

  Birdetta: Hi!

  Wari: Hmmm... Interesting.

  Birdetta: What? He rescued me!

  Tanner: From who?

  Legored: From Bowser's minions...

  Wari: Oh... That explains the Goomba in the trash can...


  Agranix: I can't believe they ran off!

  Dolphy: It's okay... Tan always comes back!

  Impulse: it's true!

  Leghobros: I think I see Legored, Tan and Wari... And a pink dino... Is that a Birdo?

  Wavey: Hmmm... Let's follow them!

  Meanwhile...   DarkTan: *Talks on comlink* Doctor, we have hostages.

  Xagbrain: You found them?

  DarkTan: No, not yet... Just some different people.

  Indi: I just came here for my shift!


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