Agranix: Alright, let's find that crystal!

Leghobros: How do you know if it landed here?

Agranix: During my travels, I visited these planets to gain the trust of the local residents.

Leghobros: Does that mean you know Mario?

Legored: And does that mean...

Agranix: Yes... He's real.

Legored: SWEET!!!

Impulse: So, where did you hide the crystal?

Agranix: I'm not sure!

Tanner: Hopefully not in a castle surrounded by lava...

Wavey: I guess that means we can fight Bowser!

Wari: Look! A town!

Dolphy: Toad Town. Who names these things?!

Tanner: Maybe it's full of frogs...

(*The MMCers and Agranix enter Toad Town*

Tanner: Or... Mushroom... Kids...

(*The shadowy figure runs past again*

Legored: There it is again! *Runs off*


(*Legored runs past houses looking for the shadowy figure and pulls out Red McEpic*

Goombarry: Did you hear about the wierd blue rock that King Bowser found?

Joe Koop: It came out of this wierd wormhole...

Birdasia: Many think it came from space!

Birdetta: What use is Bowser gonna need that rock for?

Birdasia: What's your problem, Birdetta?

Birdetta: Please, Goombarry... It's some rock... And I think it should be returned to it's rightful owner!

Goombarry: Are you going against us?

Joe Koop: Please don't turn this into an excuse... This is King Bowser's orders! And you always want to bail out, just because you think you need to do what's right and good! Well, not anymore!

Birdasia: Traitor!

Goombarry: Get her!

Birdetta; Leave me alone

Legored: *Pulls out Red McEpic* HEY!!! GET AWAY FROM HER!!!

Tanner: I think I found Legored...

Wari: Why... His yelling?

Tanner: This way!


Dre: Are you sure they went missing? People at the MMC come and go...

Indi: They left this note...

Legotad: I wanna read it!

Scorpio: Who cares... They'll be back!

(*Escape pod crash lands in from of MMC*

Scorpio: See? I told you!

(*Evil MMCers enter the MMC*

Indi: Guys! You're back! But why are you dressed in black?

(*DarkTan locks the door*

Indi: Why did you lock the door?

DarkTan: Who are you? Are you their friends?!

Scorpio: Technically, yes.

DarkRed: We should take them hostage! They're witnesses!

Indi: Tanner, it's me!

DarkTan: Tie them up.

Indi, Dre, Legotad and Scorpio: HELP!!!!!


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