Here's chapter 1 of MMCUU! :D

  • It's a quiet night here at MMC...

  • Tanner: Good night, MMC! See you tomorrow!

  • Wavey: Same here!

  • Legored: I think we should call it a day! *Walks out the door*

  • Explosion occurs*

  • Tanner and Wavey: Uh, Legored? *Run out the door*

  • Legored: Whoa. Look at that! *Points at meteor*

  • Wavey: It looks like an escape pod! *Pushes button*

  • Tanner: Let's look inside!

  • Escape pod opens up revealing a man*

  • Legored: There's someone in there!

  • Wavey: He looks injured. Let's take him inside.

  • -The next morning-

  • The strange man wakes up in a bed*

  • Strange man: Where am I?

  • Tanner: You're at the Munch Munch Café, or MMC for short!

  • Legored: We took you in when you crash landed!

  • Wavey: Good morning!

  • Strange man: *Looks at strange crystals in hand* X-x-xag... brain...

  • Legored: You okay?

  • Strange man: What about me? Oh. My name is Agranix. I'm from a distant planet.

  • Tanner: Ello! You can call me Tan or Tanner or Tannericus!

  • Legored: You can call me Legored if you like.

  • Wavey: I'm Wave Viper, but my friends call me Wavey.

  • Agranix: Hide these crystals.

  • Wavey: How come?

  • Agranix: He'll kill me if you don't.

  • Legored: Who?

  • Leghobros, Wari and Dolphy come in*

  • Dolphy: Hey guys, did you see that strange thing in from of MMC?

  • Wari: And who's that?

  • Leghobros: Is he a new member?

  • Agranix tries to get up, but his injuries keep him in bed*

  • Tanner: Let us explain.


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