I'm announcing my new fanfic for MMC, as part of FNE (Friday Night Epicness) It will be the biggest MMC fanfic ever created, compared to MMC Chronicles (Indikid), MMC Legends (Wavey) and MMC Adventures (Tanner). Almost every MMC will star in it.


A meteor containing an alien crash lands near MMC. The MMCers find that the alien is on the run from an evil scientist/tyrant, bent on world domination, so he creates evil clones of the MMCers to counter them. So he hides the Crystals of Life across many Nintendo worlds (Including Sonic and LEGO City), and the MMCers go on the biggest adventure ever! Unbeknownst to everyone, a dark evil has arisen.

I'll provide updates and photos later if I can.

Update #1: Evil Clones

These are the evil clones that will appear. (I'll work on their personalities later.)

  • DarkTan (Clone of Tanner): He wears a black helmet, glowing red eyes, and wears a black knight's uniform (Compared to Tan's blue). DarkTan is the opposite of Tanner. Unlike Tanner, who's nice, caring and famous, DarkTan is agressive and infamous. He is the leader of the Dark Side, and will stop at nothing to defeat his opposite.
  • Darkred (Clone of Legored) Wears clothes similar to Legored except in a black hue. He even wields a bat similar to Legored's Red McEpic, except it's called Black McEpic. Occaisionally, he carries a rose in his hand, as he goes after Wendy Koopa and Pandora.
  • Sharky (Clone of Dolphy) Wears black clothes compared to Dolphy's blue, and has a passion for sharks compared to Dolphy's passion for dolphins.
  • EAMan (Clone of Nintendoman) Wears black, and is an EA Games follower.
  • DarkWave (Clone of Wavey) Wears a black dive suit, a mask without the snorkel.
  • DarkPulse (Clone of Impulse) Unlike Impulse, she does'nt wear a Tanner costume. She wears black, like the reast of the Dark Side members.
  • Sorbohgel (Clone of Leghobros) Opposite of Leghobros, and wears black.

Tanner, Legored, Dolphy, Wavey, Nintendoman, Impulse and Leghobros will have a strong rivalry with their clones.


Darkred, one of the Darkside members.


Dr. Xagbrain, the antagonist of the story.

These clones were created by the notorious Dr. Xagbrain.

The rest won't have evil clones. Regardless, they're the same MMCers we all know and love.

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