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    Leave me reminders :P

    June 15, 2014 by Legored14

    Someone please remind me to keep coming back here... I keep thinking it's dead here so I left... Anything happened while I was gone? :P Also, I was on Google+ :P Follow me @LegoredFilms :P

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  • Legored14


    May 3, 2014 by Legored14

    I may return to full activity here now! :D I need to do the same with the LMBs :P

    So, welcome me! :P

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  • Legored14

    (*Legored, Wari, Wavey, Leghobros and Link ride across Hyrule Field towards the Dark Forest*

    Leghobros: It sure does look scary here!

    Legored: I know right?

    Link:... *Points to the tower*

    Wavey: Is that where Ganondorf is?

    Link: *Nods*

    Wari: Don't forget, he has the crystal, and Zelda!

    Wavey: We need to hurry there quick!

    (*Bokoblins and Moblins come out of the bushes*

    Legored: Ugh. Uglies!

    Link: *Pulls out sword and fights the Bokoblins and Moblins*

    Wari: We need weapons!

    Legored: Here! Take Red McEpic! *Hands Red McEpic to Wari*

    Wavey: *Knocks out a Bokoblin with a log* I think this log does come in handy!

    Leghobros: I bet this is one of the few defenses Ganondorf has?

    In Ganon's Tower...

    Ganondorf: Princess Zelda. Your face will look good on the dark s…

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  • Legored14

    Tails: Sorry to keep you waiting, Sonic!

    Imp: We're here to help!

    Dolphy: And at the same time trying to take something back.

    Rhys: Can we have the crystal?

    Eggman: No! I need it for my nefarious new plan!

    Sonic: I'd love to hear it!

    Eggman: I want this crystal to power up the Chaos Emerald and use them to take over the world. *Looks at his hand* WHO TOOK MY CRYSTAL?!?!?!

    Sonic: Whoops :3

    Knuckles: I'll take him! *Goes after Eggman*

    Eggman: I don't think so. *Pulls out hammer*

    Imp: Watch out!

    (*Knuckles dodges the hammer*

    Rhys: Things can get out of hand sometimes.

    In the Hardcore Hub...

    DK: It looks like it's working!

    Indi: We're fending off the airships!

    In the streets...

    DarkTan: We'll take it from here, Bowser. *The Evil MMCers jump out of the airship …

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  • Legored14

    Indi: Can we please go out and help out?

    DK: Unless you wanna be Bullet Billed, that's fine... But I'd rather you stay here.

    AJ: DK, I think the steath cannons are ready!

    DK: Awesome!

    AJ: But I just need to enter the password.

    Computer: Please enter password.

    AJ: Ninja.

    Computer: Don't know what Nympha is. Please try again.

    AJ: NIN-Ja. Augh...

    Computer: Don't know what Ninjago is. Please try again.

    AJ: NINJA!

    Computer: Password accepted. *Stealth cannons come out of the streets to take down airships*

    AJ: Remind me to tell Redboy to fix this computer.

    DK: I hope this helps.

    Dre: Same.

    Indi: I'm just waiting for our friends to come back.

    Meanwhile, in Station Square...

    Sonic: Give up that blue crystal, Egghead!

    Eggman: It's EggMAN! You know my name is Dr. Egg…

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