My Games of 2013 Awards

I did this a year ago on the Boards and got several Likes for my post, so I assume some people liked it. So here we go for 2013.

First off, note that I'm not talking about games that were released in 2013. I don't own very many (if any at all) games released last year. I'm listing games that I received this year. And they are:

Games in the Awards

  • Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
  • The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (GCN)
  • Metroid (Classic NES Series)
  • Super Mario Land
  • Super Mario Land II: 6 Golden Coins
  • Zelda II: The Adventure of Link (Classic NES Series)
  • Super Smash Bros. Melee
  • F-Zero: Maximum Velocity
  • Steel Diver
  • Sonic Classic Collection
  • Donkey Kong Country 2
  • LEGO CITY Undercover: The Chase Begins
  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D
  • LEGO Batman (DS)

I also received Paper Mario: Sticker Star, but lost the game card without even being able to try it out (total fail, I know FacePalm), so that will not be included in this year's awards. If I find the game, or get a replacement, it will be included in next year's blog.

How the Awards Work

I make up some awards and give them to corresponding games. I plan to have awards for these categories:

  • Game of the Year
  • Best Platformer
  • Best Classic Game
  • Best Role-Playing Game
  • Best graphics
  • Best music
  • Hardest Game of the Year
  • Most Creative Game

Not only will I give a game an award, I will explain why it got that award. That way you can see what things about these games are awesome.

Note I'm still adding awards here.

I may be updating it with new awards and stuff.

Feel free to comment below.

OK, so here are the awards.


Best Graphics

Well, considering that none of the games I received over the last year were for Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Wii U, or Xbox One, my choices are limited to GameCube, GameBoy Advance, and 3DS games. But the choice was NOT easy. I was deciding between The Two Towers and Smash Bros. Melee for the GameCube, and Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D and Steel Diver for the 3DS. The Two Towers and Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D both had a realistic style that attempted to portray characters and environments as accurately as possible. Smash Bros. Melee had overall solid graphics, and Steel Diver had gorgeous 3D underwater courses. What was my final pick?

Steel Diver.

The landscape (and waterscape) of the missions was spectacular, and the type of environment changed from level to level. In addition, there was a mode where you shot torpedoes from your submarine in first person view. The setting with rain was incredible realistic, as the movement of the ships and waves reflected that of an actual storm at sea. Though the game was too short to be worth full retail price, I do recommend the game if you can pick it up at a discount.

Best music

Another tough choice. Must say I'm rather partial to Zelda II for its "Palace Theme." And then there's The Two Towers because of its epic orchestrated score from the movie. And Bowser's Inside Story for its upbeat battle music. But in the end I decided to give the prize to:

Super Smash Bros. Melee

It contains orchestrated themes from many different Nintendo franchises. Great music, great game.

Most Creative game

Now this one was easy. What other game allows you to battle strange enemies inside the body of a giant dinosaur king? Plus, you get to use the Koopa king to smash through a host of colorful minions as you make your way to finally defeat a Beanish wizard. The plot is great, and the dialogue hilarious.

Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

After playing this game, you should never complain about Mario not having a story. But not only is the story creative, this game also uses the DS in non-orthodox ways. For giant Bowser battles you have to tilt the DS to the side. Once this is accomplished you can blow into the microphone to breathe fire, and slide on the touch screen to deliver a powerful punch to your giant enemy. Tongue Smiley-1Awesome game, totally recommend to any Mario fans, or anyone who likes a funny game.

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