Hello Munchers! Smile

I just created a new page, the Achievement page!

So what's it for?

Well, if you made a great achievement in a game, you can record it here. Just post it in the right section, and remember to sign your name!

For example, if I defeated Bowser in Super Mario Bros. 3, I would post it in the Super Mario section, like this:

Super Mario

I beat Bowser up in Super Mario Bros. 3! >:D LEGOSuperDKong (talk)

Now, if someone else did the same thing...

  • randomly selects Madkat from audience* 

He can put his name next to mine. Tongue Smiley-1

So it would look like:

Super Mario

I beat Bowser up in Super Mario Bros. 3! >:D User:Madkatmaximus96 :P

Oh, and to sign your name you use three tildes, like this: ~~~

So, anyway, there's the page, and have fun using it! If you have comments, questions, etc., the comment section below is suitable for that kind of stuff. Tongue Smiley-1

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