UPDATE: I called Nintendo and so I now know what happened. I made a joke post in which I said I was 12. It was an obvious joke, and I said so in the comments. But the admins took it seriously. So I've sent them proof of my age and I should be unbanned soon. Yay.

Hai. I'm wondering why I can't use the eShop/Miiverse. I don't really expect you to know.

But I'm wondering if I got banned somehow. I know some of you might have been banned from le Miiverse before...

So some questions to people who have experience in the matter:

  1. Can you access the eShop with that NNID while banned?
  2. Is there a ban length shorter than 2 weeks?
  3. Can other people see your profile while you're banned?

P.S. - for those of you who don't use Miiverse, basically anything that gets reported gets deleted... and the admins will ban you after not too many deleted posts...

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