aka Kepler S.

  • I live in a state of mind that pretends to me it's Germany.
  • I was born on April 17
  • My occupation is not doing anything here anymore.
  • I am not doing anything here anymore.
  • Keplers

    Mando Helmets!

    May 7, 2014 by Keplers

    I've been drawing Mando helmets recently so I naturally thought of LMBW Arya Elf dinosaurs you guys! I decided I'd let you request some helmet designs! Link your friends on LMBW other places like the spyware Google+ too!

    Some examples of my work:

    Note: Your custom helmets' pictures will be cropped to mostly eliminate the grid.
    Note 2: I can do regular visors and Death Watch Nite Owl visors (in the style of Bo-Katan Kryze), but I cannot do clones. While I have figured out how to draw the visor, the helmet is presenting a challenge to me at present.

    File:RexBucket.jpg|Von's request; Rex's Phase I helmet.

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  • Keplers

    Mojang, Loading, Randomwords!
    A brown background loads a world then spawwwn.
    And people say worlds weren't built in a dayyyy-AH


    The mobs get the Nether out of there....
    Because they know something's going down...
    Is he gonna die...
    NO, it's a medium shot
    Paaan, zoom, and slo-mo means he's a Stevie-
    Mysterious hooded mob watches (from a distance).
    Take a second to look hostile,
    Time to go.
    Walk in slow-motion so you still look hostile,
    Guard just saw you and he's gonna shoot you,
    But don't mind him just keep looking hostile that spider will take care of him,
    Guard says "STOP!"
    Just blow him with your sulfur.
    The other got hit by an arrow so you're good,
    Hopefully those guards have good armor,
    No it's leather,
    Maybe t…

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  • Keplers

    Parody Squared

    February 25, 2014 by Keplers

    Mojang, Loading, Randomwords.
    Flint at Redstone and people die.
    Everywhere people die.
    (That's a callback [to nothing])
    This is the longest he's ever gone
    Without killing anyone.
    He wonders if his future son
    Will carry out the tradition
    Of blowing up the Stevies.
    It's his lunch break luckily.
    Toast of Hostility!
    Hurry with the toast,
    There's a hot Ender Girl
    Walking to the right!
    Bet she'd love to see a fight...
    Good guy music begins
    As the ponytail skins barge in.
    Look down on the mobs
    That you're better than.
    Ominous orchestral note,
    Time to let the Mobbies know:
    Peaceful Mode's over.
    Time for everything to suck.
    Mysterious hooded Mob watches
    (from a distance)
    Take a second to power up.
    (Blast radius)
    Target confirmed.
    Hooded Mob turns.
    Skeleton Mob sees hooded Mob'…

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