I finally got the stuff I need to play Gamecube Games on my Wii!!! :D

The only thing I'm missing now are some actual GC games. :P

And on a different note, I've been thinking of doing a Let's Play on Paper Mario...but I'm not sure when I'll actually find the time and I'd be afraid that I'd drive away any viewers with my obnoxious sense of humor. :P

But if you think an LP of Paper Mario would be good...let me know. :P

I actually thought of a Final Fantasy III/VI LP...but it took me around forty hours to beat it for the first time, and that's too long for my extremely short attention span and perseverance to actually complete, so...I figured I'd start small...if I actually start at all. :P

I'll try to start on it this weekend, I guess. :P The video quality probably won't be too good, and I don't have high hopes for the audio because I'll be using my 4 or 6 year old camera (can't remember when I got it. Lol.) to film it. :P If I actually get around to it. :P I'll at least film a first episode at some point. :P

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