Hi all! I'm bored, so I decided to make a blog reviewing the new character designs for Sonic Boom. Please note, if you don't want to see mainly negative reviews, don't read. :P

Number 1: Amy

Amy zpse202fcc9

Amy's new look.

When I first saw this, I hated it. But, now that I'm slightly calmer, I'm actually liking Amy's new look. She's not as ultra pink girly girl. She looks tougher and more serious. She definitely looks more mature. All in all, I give her design a 8/10.

Number 2: Dr Eggman.

I kinda like Egghead's New look. He looks more intimadating. It looks like they took his body and inverted it. Instead of being round and fat, he is large and muscular looking. While I prefer the old Eggman, I can get use to this one. I give it a 7/10.


Eggman' s new look.

Number 3: Knuckles

Knux zps27b831f8

Knuckles new look

Umm, wow. I hated this when I saw the silihoute...and I still hate it. They've just changed so many things about him. What's with all the bandages? Was he too poor to buy real gloves? One thing I liked about the original Knux is he was kinda small, but easily the strongest character around. This changes all that. I think they Buffed him up to reinforce his role in the show. Big Stronge Muscle man. But all to often the Strong people are also dumb as bricks. And from what I've seen, that appears to be the route they are going with Knuckles. They just changed so much about him. I give this a 3/10.

Number 4: Tails 

Tails zps7b7f39bd

Tails' new look

Tails' look isn't horrendous. Again, it looks like they're trying to enforce his role as technician. Looks wise there isn't much to complain about. The look on his face is kinda...sassy. That doesn't really fit with his personality. But, I don't like that he has a laser gun or his flying animation in the Video Game. I'll give him a 5/10

Number 5: Sonic

SonicBlue zpsb121f7e4

Sonic' s new look.

Okay, finally Sonic. One of the first things I thought was "He's so tall". When he's running, his legs look completely unnatual. Kinda like Bendy straws. :P Just like with Knuckles they went over board with tape and bandages. You can't even see his shoes any more. I don't know what the heck the scarf is for. Imagine it snagging on a branch as he runs along. Plus, his arms are blue! It looks like he's wearing a sweater! I don't like the extra quills in his hair. Also, Sonic is a drifter. A scarf doesn't really fit that personality, In my opinion. When I saw the silhouttes I thought Knuckles would be my least favorite design. I was wrong. Sonic is easily the worst design in my opinion. Everytime I see him run, I'm apalled. I give Sonic a 1/10.

All in all, I'm not looking forward to this series. It just looks like they set out to change as much about Sonic as possible. I'll give it a chance however. The Good new is I think this show will surpass my expectations. The bad news is, my expectations are at rock bottom. :P