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    =( :P

    April 17, 2014 by Impulse09

    The wiki has...died...apparently. :P:P 

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  • Impulse09

    Hi all! I'm bored, so I decided to make a blog reviewing the new character designs for Sonic Boom. Please note, if you don't want to see mainly negative reviews, don't read. :P

    Number 1: Amy

    When I first saw this, I hated it. But, now that I'm slightly calmer, I'm actually liking Amy's new look. She's not as ultra pink girly girl. She looks tougher and more serious. She definitely looks more mature. All in all, I give her design a 8/10.

    Number 2: Dr Eggman.

    I kinda like Egghead's New look. He looks more intimadating. It looks like they took his body and inverted it. Instead of being round and fat, he is large and muscular looking. While I prefer the old Eggman, I can get use to this one. I give it a 7/10.

    Number 3: Knuckles

    Umm, wow. I hated thiā€¦

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