I'm reviewing Sonic Lost World, but I haven't finished it quite yet. I'll finish up my review some other time once it's done. There might be some spoilers, but I'm only halfway through, so it's not gonna scar you or anything. :P

I'll tell you what I like so far and what I dislike;


  • The graphics are very good
  • Most of the voice actors sound decent, except Amy... My lord...
  • The storyline is okay, it's cool that Sonic messed up for a change rather than anybody else.
  • I found Windy Hill (Basically Green Hill) Zone really fun.... The level layout is really fun.
  • Gotta love the hardcore parkour! The running-up-walls thing is a lifesaver. :P


  • Windy Hill Act 2..... Looks really cheap....
  • Need I say anything about Amy?...
  • The Drill Wisp controls on Tropical Coast act 3... AAAAHHHHGGG.  I wanted to shoot my 2DS.
  • [MY PERSONAL OPINION]  The Sonic games are starting to become a childs Sat. AM cartoon. I sort of miss the deep stories games like Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic '06 had, no matter how much of a failure that was, Silver and Shadow's stories were very well-thought-out. This one just... Isn't..?
  • Wisps... They're lucky it's the "Lost Hex" or I'd be ranting on and on about why the Wisps shouldn't be there. 
  • Since when does Sonic like this type of music?... It's sort of... Mario-ish? I thought he liked Rock.. Just saying..
  • Lack of Knuckles action. :P

No matter how negative that all look I'm actually really enjoying it. Sonic Team just is becoming a different franchise... Hopefully they can reboot it without the dramatic "Restart the cast" rumor that's been going around. I also hope 'Sonic Boom' turns out to exceed my LOOOOW expectations...

No matter. I'm still one of their biggest fans and will continue to support them 'till the end.

All in all, Sonic Lost World is a great game and I whole-heartedly reccomend buying it. Just.... Don't play Special Stages in public, unless you WANT people to see you spinning around like an idiot to collect those orbs.  :P

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