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  • Dolphinluvr16


    January 28, 2014 by Dolphinluvr16

    I can't go on here any more. 

    Sorry Tanner, Impulse, Rys, and all of my friends......

    I just can't come here.

    Goodbye. D':

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  • Dolphinluvr16

    I'm Sick

    January 17, 2014 by Dolphinluvr16

    You see this: Oh, she's just sick.

    But I'm sick with the Flu, because only the best for me, right...

    So, I'm harbored in my room until I'm better.. Which might be awhile.

    Why am I telling you this? Because quite honestly, I don't think I'm leaving my room for very long for about a week. :P

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  • Dolphinluvr16

    Weekly Memes

    January 13, 2014 by Dolphinluvr16

    Not so much weekly, I'll be doing them whenever I get good ideas though. :P I made all of these. ;)

    Please comment your favorites!

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  • Dolphinluvr16
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  • Dolphinluvr16

    I'm reviewing Sonic Lost World, but I haven't finished it quite yet. I'll finish up my review some other time once it's done. There might be some spoilers, but I'm only halfway through, so it's not gonna scar you or anything. :P

    I'll tell you what I like so far and what I dislike;

    • The graphics are very good
    • Most of the voice actors sound decent, except Amy... My lord...
    • The storyline is okay, it's cool that Sonic messed up for a change rather than anybody else.
    • I found Windy Hill (Basically Green Hill) Zone really fun.... The level layout is really fun.
    • Gotta love the hardcore parkour! The running-up-walls thing is a lifesaver. :P

    • Windy Hill Act 2..... Looks really cheap....
    • Need I say anything about Amy?...
    • The Drill Wisp controls on Tropical Coas…

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