Lego Tanner

TannerJ2598's current LMB avatar.

Tanne​rJ2598 (AKA Tanner or TJ) is a user who joined the MBs on February 15, 2011. He is currently active(24/7) and holds the rank Revolutionary Soldier, with over 21,033 posts. He is currently 6th in the All-Time Likes Leaderboard.

He was the second user to achieve Jester and Conquistador, His partners in crime are Madkatmaximus96 , AJRAWLEY5700 , Zapty, Huskeygirl , Gracelw1, BattleTruckGalactica, IndianaBonesSulfrix9, and indikid9149 . His adopted newbie is RLROCKS18, his favorite Moderator is Wildbunchz, and his #1 best friend is DarkPit13 (Who has been ransomed by ponies of late). He seems to gain a rank right after pacman87 as proven in the last 2 ranks, like with Brickgirl99x and MJLaubacher.

He also loves SuperDK's use of wikis. 


Tanner's Mii, Alias: "IDIOT"

Favorite VG series (Not in order)Edit

  • Army Men
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Star Fox
  • Rayman
  • Madden NFL
  • Super Smash Bros.
  • Metroid
  • Humoungous Entertainment games
  • Probably, eventually, Crash Bandicoot.
  • Need For Speed
  • Age of Empires


  • MMC Adventures

Tanner appears in MMC Adventures as the main character. He created MMC Adventures in September 2012, which met with very positive responce. It ran for around 20 episodes.

  • MMC Ultimate Universe

Tanner is set to appear in MMC Ultimate Universe as one of the 5 main characters.

  • Lego Message Boards User Plays -

Tanner is also the creator of the first Message Boards LP channel, where he makes 10-minute videos with his 3DS of him playing VGs requested by users.


Tanner has also been paired up quite a lot on the Lego Message Boards, including the Munch Munch Cafe. He has been accused of liking DarkPit13, Gracelw1 and Huskeygirl. All of which he has stated are untrue. Although he finds amusement in making little jokes about such things, such as when he made a fake 'Pass' at Indikid9149 on Valentines Day by giving her flowers and "Melting her heart." Indi thought it was hilarious though and didn't mind. He is also trolled by several people for liking Dolphinluvr16, mainly by Madkat and SuperDKong.

He also is in engaged to Emma from Lego Friends and is soon to be married to her.




182px-Drawing of Emma

More of my Emma :) :P :P :P

Emma Huskeygirl

A drawing Huskeygirl made of Emma :3


A drawing by Gracelw1 of Emma, Tanner's fiance.

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