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SuperDKong (aka DK or DKong) is a person who posts in the Munch Munch Cafe. He has posted in the topic since before it had 1,000 pages. He has made over 7,500 posts, and is Rank 12, Ninja. He joined on June 12th, 2012, which means that he's been on the Boards for over a whole year. He created the Hardcore Hub, a semi-successful no-SPAM gaming topic.

He is a big Nintendo fan, and he doesn't like Sony, Microsoft, or Sega that much. He really likes Zelda and Mario.

He has participated in Mario vs. Sonic debates, and has argued with TannerJ2598 over Paper Mario 2: The Thousand Year Door and The Legend of Zelda series, both of which SuperDKong thinks are epic. He doesn't like M-rated games, for the most part. He also is a Christian. He loves LEGO, and all the LEGO games (except LEGO Harry Potter/2).


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Favorite GamesEdit

If asked to pick a favorite game, SuperDKong could not tell you as he enjoys so many different games.

Below is a list of some games he plays:

  • Super Mario Bros. (Super Mario Bros. Deluxe; includes Lost Levels)
  • Super Mario Bros. 2 (from Super Mario Advance)
  • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (GameCube release w/ Master Quest)
  • Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga
  • Super Mario 64 DS
  • New Super Mario Bros.
  • Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time
  • Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
  • Super Mario Bros. 3 (from Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3)
  • The Legend of Zelda (from the Classic NES Edition, on the GBA)
  • MarioKart DS
  • Wario World
  • MarioKart Double Dash!!
  • Donkey Kong Jungle Beat
  • Donkey Kong Country
  • Donkey Konga
  • Super Mario Land
  • Super Mario Strikers
  • MarioKart Super Circuit
  • MarioKart Wii
  • New Super Mario Bros. Wii
  • Super Mario Galaxy
  • The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (GCN)
  • LEGO The Lord of the Rings (PC, DS)
  • LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game (PC, GC, GBA)
  • LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy (PC, GC, GBA)
  • LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures: (PC, DS)
  • LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga (PC, DS)
  • LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean (DS)
  • LEGO Battles
  • LEGO Indiana Jones II: The Adventures Continue (DS)
  • LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars (DS)
  • LEGO Knights' Kingdom
  • LEGO Racers II (GBA)
  • LEGO Chess
  • LEGO Racers (GBC)
  • LEGO Stunt Rally (GBC)
  • LEGO Alpha Team (GBC)

Of late he has not been very active in the MMC. He attributes this to school and also his high involvement with the LEGO CUUSOO Wiki. (It's rumored that he also is working with the CIA).

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