Munch Munch Café Ultimate Universe (Commonly referred to as MMC Ultimate Universe or MMCUU), is an upcoming serial story written by Legored11, as part of SME (Saturday Morning Epicness). Unlike past MMC themed stories, this story will be set in a darker tone. This will also be the first story to be shown in both MMC and the MMC wiki. The first chapter is set to come around late November. The story is about the MMCers battling an evil alien across several video game worlds.

Confirmed MMCersEdit

  • TannerJ
  • Luna
  • Legored
  • Wavey
  • Leghobros
  • Impulse
  • Dolphy
  • Nintendoman
  • Liam
  • RL

More MMCers are yet to be confirmed.

MMCUU Exclusive CharactersEdit

  • Agranix
  • Dr. Xagbrain
  • Puppetmaster
  • Xagbots
  • Frostbot
  • Pyrotop
  • DarkTan
  • Darkred
  • DarkWave
  • DarkPulse
  • Sharky
  • EAMan
  • Dark Leghobros

Video game charactersEdit

  • Yet to be confirmed


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