MMC Adventures pic

The majority of the cast from season 1. From left to right: Madkat, Nikomimi, AJ, Tanner, DarkPit, Bigbro, MBRedBoy31, and Indikid.

MMC Adventures is a show on the Minifigures gallery about the Munch Munch Cafe. It was started by TannerJ2598, and has since spawned several more series, such as MMC Chronicles and MMC Legends. So far 20 episodes of the show have been made.

Season 1Edit

Season 1 was largely praised for its humor and situations. The highlight of the season was a 3 part episode made like a written story, called "Galactic Knights: A Story of Heroes" in which the Munch Munchers were sucked into a video game.

Season 2Edit

Season 2 will not be released for months, but it has been confirmed to feature several newer members, such as RLROCKS18.

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