Note: All the images are taken for LEGO MOCs, LEGO CUUSOO projects, and fan images over the web and do not reflect on a true LEGO Legend of Zelda theme.

Most people in the MMC are Zelda fans, and so desire for a LEGO The Legend of Zelda can be easily found. The fantasy videogame series provides so much potential for sets.

So... let's start with the protagonist of the series. No, not Zelda (ZELDA IS THE GIRL!!!). Link. See here:

Link Minifig

Now, Zelda is here:

Throne Room Zelda

And the bad guy:


Set ideas:


This here... some ruins/a dungeon. Classic Zelda stuff, but never gets old. Oh, and watch out for enemies:

Stalfos Fight

More Dungeons:


Or how about just Hyrule Field, with Link and Epona?

Link And Epona Profile

They'll have to watch out, though, there are plenty of enemies. You wouldn't want to run into some of these guys:


But luckily, there are items you can use to help you:


And Zelda has those memorable moments no one can forget - like this headache of a dungeon:

Water Temple


Link Vs Morpheelum

Well, after all that excitement, it all comes down to one final battle:

Final Battle

Sounds like The Legend of Zelda to me!

LEGO The Legend of Zelda

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